All Cataris Energy Tank locations in Metroid Dread

The fires of Cataris are easier to endure if you have more health.

Image via Nintendo

Cataris is Planet ZDR’s fiery region. You’ll find lava chambers all throughout Metroid Dread, but they’re concentrated in Cataris. With all that heat, you’re going to want to increase Samus Aran’s durability with Energy Tanks. Each one raises your maximum health by 99.

You can also find Energy Parts, and every four of those makes one whole Tank – think Hearts Pieces from The Legend of Zelda. If you want to find all the Tanks and Parts in Cataris, we’ve got you covered.

Energy Part #1 | Requirements: Charge Beam, Spider Magnet

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can get this part once you’ve drained the lava from the north-central section of the map. From the Save Station northeast of the EMMI Zone, head into the room on the right. Use the Spider Magnet ability to climb up and shoot the hidden blocks out of your way. Go through the Charge Beam door at the top to enter the area that used to be filled with lava. Follow the path as it loops around then slide through the narrow gap to grab the Energy Part you likely saw earlier when draining the lava.

Energy Tank | Requirements: Spider Magnet, Phantom Cloak

Screenshot by Gamepur

Don’t leave the area yet! On your way out, make sure you jump up to the Spider Magnet wall to pull down a platform that’s blocking the path above. Now exit the way you came and start following the path upwards. Use the Phantom Cloak ability to slip through the Sensor Door, and you’ll be in the passage with the now-accessible Energy Tank.

Energy Part #2 | Requirements: Morph Ball, Grapple Beam, Speed Booster, Gravity Suit, Wave Beam, Power Bomb

Screenshot by Gamepur

There’s a multi-step Speed Booster puzzle in the volcanic area under the Purple Teleportal. But first, you’ll need to head east through the Grapple Beam Door to the tunnel above the hot zone. From there, you can aim down at the Wave Beam Door to unlock it; backtrack and use the new passage to enter the volcanic room below. Drop into the lava pool here and yank at the Grapple Beam Block at the bottom – you’ll see the Energy Part we’re after on the way down. Now head back to the Purple Teleportal and shoot out the Beam Blocks in the floor to reach a lower section filled with lava. Instead of sliding into the next room, stop and deploy a Power Bomb to blow away more of the rocks. Now we can finally sprint to the Energy Part. Start from near the step-like section of the room and sprint to the right. Once you break through the Speed Booster Blocks, store a Shinespark before you fall off the ledge and lose your momentum. Move to the end of the passage and launch straight up, through some more blocks that were sandwiching the Grapple Beam Block, to the cave ceiling above. From here, you can grab the ledge and roll over to the Energy Part. Yep, all that for a quarter of a tank.