All expeditions in New World

Get a group of friends and go on a challenging adventure.

Image via Amazon Games

New World is the latest title to throw its hat into the ring of MMO games. Everything you would expect for a massively multiplayer RPG is here, including dungeon exploring, called Expeditions in this game. Setting up a team of five players, you will explore dangerous environments and work together to complete these PvE missions. Each Expedition has its own lore, and the main goal is to give players a unique experience. More experiences like these are expected to be added to the game over time. Here are all of the Expeditions currently in New World.

Amrine Excavation

In Amrine Excavation, you are on a mission to find out the fate of Simon Grey and his team. Grey is an archaeologist that has uncovered an ancient technology before his disappearance. This Expedition is supposed to introduce players to these kinds of missions, so you only need to be level 25 to be eligible to participate in the mission.

Garden Of Genesis

Garden Of Genesis takes place in Edengrove, where it has been discovered Angry Earth are born. You and your team will fight through the protectors of the area, vanquish the blight that has tarnished the surrounding area, and set things right. This is an endgame Expedition that can only be played by players who reached level 60. It will be a more intense challenge than Amrine Excavation.