All fishing hotspot locations in New World

Fishing roadtrip.

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The fishing hotspot locations in New World are the places you want to visit to catch some of the best fish in the game. You’ll want to bring plenty of bait with you when you your these locations, so make sure you have freshwater and saltwater choices in your inventory to capture all types if fish. While the locations may not always have a hotspot available for you, visiting them often allows you to find a variety of specimen to being back with you to a settlement. This guide will show you where to find all fishing hotspot locations in New World.

There are three types of fishing hotspots: one-stars called broad, two-star are rare, and three-star are secret. The broad one-star has the highest variety of fish that can appear. The two-star has a fewer pool of fish that spawn in it, at a higher quality. The three-star has the smallest pool of the three but of the best fish in the game.

All Broad fishing hotspot locations

These locations contain some lower-end fish, but they do have the chance for better spawns to appear. When you’re trying to level up fishing, spend time at these locations to find uncommon and rare fish or even acquire treasure chests.

All Rare fishing hotspot locations

The Rare fishing hotspot locations are suitable in the middle of having the chance for some exceptional fish. You’ll want to visit these locations if all of the Secret fishing hotspot locations are taken over, or you want to enjoy some casual fishing for the day.

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All Secret fishing hotspot locations

These are all of the secret fishing hotspot locations. You can expect to find multiple people camping at these locations for the best fish spawn in the game. While you may not be able always to have a spot, visiting them never hurts if you’re on the hunt for the best fishing materials for cooking recipes.

Image via NewWorld-Map