All Items and Add-ons – Dead By Daylight


Dead By Daylight features various different items, perks, and skills which you can use to improve your character build and survive longer in the enclosed forest. If you play as a survivor you play in a third-person view, but it is the first person for Killer. One of the Unique element for leveling up and progress is that both the Killer and the Survivor share the experience pool. Here are the various Items and Add-ons that you can use as a Survivor and Killer in Dead by Daylight.

All Items and Add-ons

All Items and Add-ons

The Items can be discovered while you are in the game and you can only keep the item if you manage to escape the forest. With Add-ons, it is different as you can attach to any item in order escape from the high-level Killers out there. Both the items and add-ons have limited use which is until you die or the time expires every match. SO without any further ado, let’s have a look at the Items and the Add-ons in Dead By Daylight.

Items and Add-ons for Survivor

Flashlight: Used to Stun or Blind the Killer(Limited Use)

  • Focus Lens – Improves Range and Power, Tightens Beam
  • Wide Lens – Widens Beam, Decreases Range
  • Leather Grip – Increase Accuracy
  • Power Bulb – Increase Beam Effect against the Killer
  • Heavy Duty Battery – Adds Additional seconds of Use
  • Low Amp Filament – Moderately Decreases Battery Consumption

Medkit: Used to Heal Yourself or Allies(Limited Use)

  • Bandages – Adds Additional Charges
  • Butterfly Tape – Increases Healing Speed
  • Medical Scissors – Moderately Increases Healing Speed

Skeleton Key: Unlocks the Hatch so you can escape(Limited Use)

  • Prayer Rope – Adds 10 sec of Use
  • Eroded Token – Reveal Survivors Auras

Toolbox: Used to Destroy Killer’s Hook and Repair Generator faster

  • Metal Saw – Increases Sabotage Speed
  • Wire Spool – Adds 50 Additional Charges
  • Common Rag – Increases Repair Speed
  • Clean Rag – Increase Repair Speed

Map: Shows nearby Objectives on screen for a limited time.

  • Odd Stamp – Increases Range of Tracking Ability
  • Retardant Jelly – Moderately slows down burning rate

Items and Add-ons for Killer


  • Chainsaw File – Slightly reduce the noise made by the Chainsaw, Stack
  • Rusted Chain – Considerably increases the healing time of survivor injured by the Chainsaw, Stack
  • Vegetable Oil – Slightly Decreases the Chainsaw’s cooldown, stacks


  • Tapper Bag – Start with on Extra Bear Trap and can hold one extra Bear Trap
  • 4 Coil Spring Kit – Moderately increases the difficulty to escape Bear Trap, moderately increases the rescue time of Bear Trap, Slightly increases the setting Time of Bear Traps, affects every Bear Trap and Stack.
  • Tar Bottle – Considerably darkens the bear trap, affect every Bear Trap
  • Serrated Jaws – Inflicts heavy bleeding upon the trapped victim until healed affect every Bear Trap
  • Logwood Dye – Moderately Darkens bearTrap, affects all Bear Traps
  • Secondary Coil – Moderately increases the Bear Trap sabotage time, affects all Bear Traps, Stack

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