All items in the eSports All Regions Set in Rainbow Six Siege

A new set of gear to celebrate Six Invitational.


Image via Ubisoft

The eSports All Regions Set is a cosmetic bundle in Rainbow Six Siege that Ubisoft released to coincide with Six Invitation in late 2021. The company explained that this particular bundle has no regional identity and is instead a way for fans to celebrate eSports within Rainbow Six Siege without throwing themselves in with one team or another. This guide covers all the items you get in the bundle.

The eSports All Regions Set costs 1920 R6 Credits, equating to roughly $19.99/£15.99 if you had to buy all of those R6 Credits from scratch. It’s a steep price, but a portion of the proceeds support the Rainbow Six Circuit, which helps eSports teams grow from local competitions to the global stage. The contents of the bundle are as follows.

  • Four Uniforms
    • Superjock Uniform for Valkyrie
    • Atheltics Professional Uniform for Capitao
    • Accomplished Player Uniform for Dokkaebi
    • Disciplined Contestant Uniform for Doc
  • Four Headgear
    • Superjock Headgear for Valkyrie
    • Atheltics Professional Headgear for Capitao
    • Accomplished Player Headgear for Dokkaebi
    • Disciplined Contestant Headgear for Doc
  • Four Weapon Skins
    • Champion’s Routine for P90
    • Calisthenics for MPX
    • Intensive Conditioning for PARA-308
    • Unforgiving Workout for Mk 14 EBR
  • Four Universal Charms to be used on any weapon
    • Capitao Apac Chibi
    • Valkyrie NA Chibi
    • Doc EU Chibi
    • Dokkaebi LATAM Chibi