All Legend skin Recolors from the Legend Recolor Store in Apex Legends

The Legend Recolor Store has a lot to offer.

Legend Recolor Store skins

Images via Respawn

Some of the most sought-after skins in Apex Legends are the Legendary Store Exclusive recolor variants. Normally, you can only get these when they come into temporary rotation in one of two slots in the store. That changed with the temporary Legend Recolor Store. Many new and returning Legend recolors came to the store over the course of a few weeks. Let’s take a look at everything the Legend Recolor Store brought or brought back to Apex Legends.

All Store Exclusive Recolors

In total there are 17 skins. This included one skin for every Legend that was in the game as of Season 8: Mayhem, and an extra special second skin for Wraith, Phasewalker. All of the skins require having the Legendary skin they are a variant of, and each costs 10,500 Legend tokens or 1,800 Apex Coins. The exception is the Phasewalker skin, which can only be purchased for 1,800 Apex Coins or in a 3,950 Apex Coin bundle with 30 Apex Packs. Phasewalker does not require having the Voidwalker skin.

Phasewalker (Legendary Wraith skin)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Brave Hero (Legendary Horizon skin)

Brave Hero
Screenshot by Gamepur

Predatory Instinct (Legendary Revenant skin)

Predatory Instinct
Screenshot by Gamepur

Radiant Stalker (Legendary Bloodhound skin)

Radiant Stalker
Screenshot by Gamepur

Tigress (Legendary Loba skin)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Inmate Nox (Legendary Caustic skin)

Inmate Nox
Screenshot by Gamepur

Masked Storyteller (Legendary Crypto skin)

Masked Storyteller
Screenshot by Gamepur

Red Shift (Legendary Octane skin)

Red Shift
Screenshot by Gamepur

Scallywag (Legendary Fuse skin)

Screenshot by Gamepur

Airship Assassin (Legendary Wraith skin)

Airship Assassin
Screenshot by Gamepur

First Responder (Legendary Lifeline skin)

First Responder
Screenshot by Gamepur

High Visibility (Legendary Bangalore skin)

High Visibility
Screenshot by Gamepur

Perfect Illusion (Legendary Mirage skin)

Perfect Illusion
Screenshot by Gamepur

Bionic Wonder (Legendary Wattson skin)

Bionic Wonder
Screenshot by Gamepur

Green Machine (Legendary Pathfinder skin)

Green Machine
Screenshot by Gamepur

Redwood Raider (Legendary Gibraltar skin)

Redwood Raider
Screenshot by Gamepur

Packin’ Paisley (Legendary Rampart skin)

Packin' Paisley
Screenshot by Gamepur