All Legend skins for the Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence Battle Pass

This Battle Pass has more Legend skins than ever before.

Emergence Battle Pass skins

Images via Respawn

Apex Legends Battle Passes have been pretty standard in terms of Legend skins for the past six seasons — they have followed the same pattern: two Legendary skins and three Rare skins for the Premium Battle Pass, and one rare skin for the standard Battle Pass. However, Season 10 has come in swinging, with more Legend skins on the premium pass than ever before. Let’s hope this is a permanent change going forward, because we love seeing new looks for our Legends.

Season 10: Emergence Battle Pass Legend skins

Season 10 Battle Pass, for the first time ever, contains eight brand-new Legend skins. Seven of them are premium only, and one is on the free Battle Pass, at an earlier-than-usual Level 45. In total, there are two Legendary skins, and six rare skins. One thing that hasn’t changed is that there are no epic skins on the Battle Pass. This is both Horizon and Valkyrie’s first Battle Pass with Legendary skins.

Bionic Luminary (Legendary Horizon skin)

Bionic Luminary
Screenshot by Gamepur

Aerial Evolution (Legendary Valkyrie skin)

Aerial Evolution
Screenshot by Gamepur

Iridescent Plumage (Rare Pathfinder Skin)

Iridescent Plumage
Screenshot by Gamepur

Data Driven (Rare Lifeline Skin)

Data Driven
Screenshot by Gamepur

Hidden Hive (Rare Bloodhound Skin)

Hidden Hive
Screenshot by Gamepur

Hive Minded (Rare Gibraltar Skin)

Hive Minded
Screenshot by Gamepur

Magnetic Mantis (Rare Wattson Skin)

Magnetic Mantis
Screenshot by Gamepur

Heart of Gold (Rare Seer Skin)

Heart of Gold
Screenshot by Gamepur