All lemonade stand locations in Fallout 76

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Step into the wasteland of Fallout 76, where danger lurks around every bend and mystery is as common as radiation. Survival of the fittest is the game’s name. One enigmatic figure is Mr. Squeeze, a robot vendor who peddles the coveted hard lemonade recipe. Finding this elusive bot is no easy task, as his location remains shrouded in secrecy. 

Nevertheless, the rewards for unearthing Mr. Squeeze are well worth the effort. His stockpile of unique recipes and refreshers is the envy of every intrepid adventurer. Let’s take a look at exactly where you can find him.

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All spawn locations for Mr. Squeeze in Fallout 76

Mr. Squeeze is actually a reasonably common Random Encounter that can be found throughout Appalachia. In our experience, the best spot to catch him is at the picnic area behind the Ferris wheel at Tyler County Fairgrounds. You may have to hop servers a few times, but it’s a good bet you’ll find him there eventually.

Still, here are the rest of the spawn locations where you can run into Mr. Squeeze, thanks to the Mappalachia Mod. Note that, if you’re looking at the maps, you’ll want to head to all of the yellow dots to find your man.

North West Virginia Spawn Locations

Image via Nexusmod’s Mappalachia
  • West of Darling Sister’s Lab and Groves Family Cabin, before you reach the river.
  • Right north of Tyler County Fairgrounds
  • Next to the path leading o Hemlock Holes’ lake
  • South of Lady Janet’s Soft Serve
  • On the path leading to Eastern Regional Penitentiary, near the map’s 92
  • Inside Wavy Willard’s Water Park
  • In the path south of Graninger Farm
  • South of Clarksburg Shooting Club
  • West of Monongah Mine, before going over the mountain range
  • North of Monongah Mine
  • North of Prickett’s Fort
  • East of Prickett’s Fort, inside the forest
  • Keep heading east past the forest, and you might run into Mr. Squeeze before reaching Beaily Family Cabin.
  • East of Beaily Family Cabin, almost at the end of the map.
  • Atop the North Mountain Lookout
  • Make your way through Route 66, and you might find him before Abbie’s Bunker
  • Around Gulper Lagoon

Centre West Virginia Locations

Image via Nexusmod’s Mappalachia
  • Just south of Point Pleasant
  • North of Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant
  • North of the Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06
  • North of the Gilman Lumber Mill
  • West of the HP Wade Airport
  • South of Landview Southhouse
  • Northwest of Charleston Station
  • South of Slocum’s Joe
  • Northeast of Green County Lodge
  • South of Summersville Dam
  • There are 3 Spawn Locations in New Gad
  • At Tygart Water Treatment
  • North of Uncanny Caverns
  • South of Middle Mountain Cabin
  • West of Pleasant Valley Ski Resort
  • West of Relay Tower LW-B1-22
  • South of Berkeley Springs
  • Southwest of Berkeley Springs
  • West of the Treehouse Village
  • Southeast of the Treehouse Village
  • Follow the river south, and you’ll find another spawn spot before Southern Belle Motel
  • South of Hawke’s Refuge
  • West of the National Isolated Radio Array
  • Southwest of Kerwood Mine
  • There are three spawn spots near Valley Galleria
  • There are two spawn spots near the RoboCo Research Center

South West Virginia Locations

Image via Nexusmod’s Mappalachia
  • South of the Red Rocket Filling Station
  • West of the Unfinished Mansion
  • Southwest of the Pleasant Hills Cemetery
  • There are two spawn spots near the Scenic Overlook
  • West and East of Johnson’s Acre
  • In the Firebase Hancock
  • There are three spawn spots west of the Glassed Cavern
  • There are six spawn spots near Watoga
  • North of the Quarry x3

TIP: Don’t naively assume that you could make both the lemonade and hard lemonade at the brewing station. The lemonade is made at the cooking station, while the hard stuff is brewed at the brewing station.