All maps in Battlefield 2042 and Battlefield Portal

Where will you be fighting in Battlefield 2042?

There will be two big varieties of maps coming to Battlefield 2042, in the primary game, and in Battlefield Portal. Battlefield Portal is your chance to have various matchups starring your favorite Battlefield armies, pitting them against each other in whatever creative format you can conjure. While you won’t be able to modify the mechanics of a map directly, you’ll be able to place nearly any Battlefield army against another featured from throughout the Battlefield franchise. In this guide, we’re going to detail all maps in Battlefield 2042 and Battlefield Portal.

These are only a handful of the ones we’ve discovered so far, and we can expect a much larger variety to be introduced leading up to Battlefield 2042’s release on October 22.

Battlefield 2042


Image via EA

Fire and ice collide in Breakaway, where oil extraction has turned the frigid environment into a heated climate disaster. In this dynamic map, don’t be surprised to find destructible fuel tanks you can use to clear a path through a fortified enemy position.


Image via EA

Discarded features massive ships that once roamed the seas have been permanently docked to be stripped down for spare parts. It’s been transformed into a warzone where players will be diving between the ships to avoid the dangerous storms brewing in the region.


Image via EA

Keep your eyes open as you make your way through Hourglass, wherein Doha, Qatar, region has nearly been devoured by the sand by rampaging storms. Unfortunately, you’ll be hard-pressed to find the enemies around you, and it’ll be even more difficult to find your allies.


Image via EA

A modern city will be filled with rapid-fire firefights in Kaleidoscope, Songo, South Korea. You can use ziplines to make it between the buildings, but you’ll want to move fast and keep your head down low to avoid the deadly snipers waiting for you to take the plunge.


Image via EA

If you thought wind storms were bad enough, Manifest gives you the chance to test your luck in dodging these rain-filled storms. The location of Manifest takes place in Singapore, in a vital American supply port.


Image via EA

The rocket is about to launch into the air on the Orbital map, meaning you want to reach a safe place before it goes off. But the impending rocket launch isn’t the only thing you need to be careful of, and there are plenty of impending storms rampaging in the region that you might find yourself thrown up into the sky.


Image via EA

Renewal was the attempt to bring back manufactured agriculture to a desert-torn Egypt, with a wall right at the center separating the two, which is right in the middle of the map. You’ll be battling in the harsh deserts, alongside the lush fields, diving between buildings to try and survive.

Battlefield Portal

Battlefield 1942 – Battle of the Bulge

Image via EA

The Battle of the Bulge, commonly referred to as Ardennes Counteroffensive, was a historic battle during World War II where the German Army delivered a counterattack to the Allies. The German Army attack completely out of nowhere, surprising the Allied forces in hopes of removing them from the port of Antwerp in Belgium and negotiate peace between the two armies in the German’s favor.

Battlefield 1942 – El Alamein

Image via EA

El Alamein was a battle between the Allies and Germans in Egypt, where the Allies prevented the German’s campaign through the Middle East. The Germans were weakened when the Allies surged forward to spearhead their way through the German campaign, but the powerful Panzer Division was there to greet the attacking forces.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – Arica Harbor

Image via EA

Previously a busy port full of traders and merchants, Arica Harbor has become a complete warzone with tanks bashing through buildings and troopers held up on the top floors waiting to surprise any enemies that cross their paths. You can choose to go door-to-door to clear out the enemy or hop in a vehicle of your choice and run through the chaos.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – Valparaiso

Image via EA

A small village in Chile has been transformed into a chaotic battlefield with infantry rushing through the dense jungle and using weaponized helicopters to clear the buildings. You can take the battle to the jungle, to the skies, or drive your enemy back on the coastline.

Battlefield 3 – Caspian Border

Image via EA

Avid Battlefield 3 fans return to the Caspian Border as they battle it out to pit the best forces to vehicle combat. Of course, there’s always the option to chase after a rampaging tank on foot, but the choice is yours on how you want to approach this diverse battlefield.

Battlefield 3 – Noshahr Canals

Image via EA

Jump into a boat and hit the waters with U.S Marines launching an attack on the Iranian coast where you can find yourself fighting on the decks of a large carrier, in the middle of a sea against an attack helicopter, or on the shores of a war-tarnished beach.