All Monkey Sanctuary locations in Ghost of Tsushima

Rather than going ape, follow this guide.

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You can go bananas on Iki Island as you try to find all the monkey sanctuary locations in Ghost of Tsushima. This is more complicated than the deer or the cat, so get ready for some monkey business.

Monkey Sanctuary #1

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To find the first monkey sanctuary, go to the most northern land of Iki Island. It’s northeast of the Yahata Lighthouse and north of Sly Hunter’s Forest. Run onto the beach, venture across the water, and you’ll find the sanctuary by the sea

Monkey Sanctuary #2

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This monkey sanctuary location is southwest of Smuggler’s Wood and northeast of Saru Island. It’s in the southern area of Iki Island. It is on a cliffside looking over the sea and behind a house. You’ll discover the monkeys have been killed in this area. In order to restore the sanctuary to its former glory, you must take out all the Mongols in the Saruiwa Overlook area. After finishing them all off, head to the cliffside again behind the house and interact with the flute playing area.

Monkey Sanctuary #3

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The third monkey sanctuary is the hardest to reach in Iki Island as you’ll need to scale the mountain of Sariuwa, the most southwest section of the map. It’s an offshore island that can be assessed by horse. Don’t swim as it will take too long, and you don’t want to waste your time. When you reach Sariuwa, look for two monkey statues at the start of a pathway.

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Start climbing up with your rope hook in hand. Keep running and jumping up until you find a crack in the wall. Squeeze through it. Now work your way up the dangerous rocky path to the left.

You’ll be given two options when you reach an archway. Either a path forward or a way to go down through handholding rock sections. Go forward. Stop at the tree bridge and you’ll see some handholds on the left side. Climb it and you should see a log that you need to use your hook rope on. Pull it down to create a platform for yourself. Jump on to it and keep climbing upwards. Once you’ve jumped on to a tightrope, move on over to the crevice ahead of you. Keep following the path that is set out for you from the monkey and then you’ll see a dead end with a place to grapple on the wall from the left.

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Grapple on and keep it held as you need to scale down the mountain. Keep going down the pathway that is left out for you, and you’ll see two logs in front along with a long drop below. Grapple consecutively to make it to the other side and not fall to your death. Continue making your way up, while making another death-defying double swing, and you’ll finally make it to the third monkey sanctuary.