All multiplayer maps in Halo Infinite

Oh, the places you’ll go!

Halo Infinite

Image via 343 Industries

There have been many memorable maps from Halo’s past. From Blood Gulch to Valhalla, there are plenty of locations players have fallen in love with. Halo Infinite is bound to have plenty of maps people will adore on its own, both at launch and after. Here is a complete list of all Halo Infinite multiplayer maps.


Image via 343 Industries

Bazaar is based on New Mombasa, a desert town named after the real-world Mombasa in Kenya. This is a smaller map most associated with Capture the Flag. In-between both team’s spawn points is a market, and around it is various hallways and rooms you can access for elevation shooting.


Image via 343 Industries

Behemoth is a medium to a large map. Both sides have a structure that allows you to go underground and come out near the bridge in the middle of the map. On either side of that bridge are a Ghost and Warthog sitting near a ramp best used for sniping.


Image via 343 Industries

Fragmentation is a Big Team Battle map that brings back memories of Valhalla from Halo 3 with the two big bases on either side of the map. In-between those locations is a winding dirt road and two side rocky paths. On each of those rocky paths is a doorway that can be hacked by your AI to open a room with either an Overshield or Active Camo equipment as well as a power weapon.

Live Fire

Image via 343 Industries

Live Fire takes place on a Spartan training facility. The middle of the map has a large hallway with cover points and a drop down into a tunnel below. That tunnel can take you to two different fields, one used for dummy practice targeting and one with a bridge to access the area’s tower. Across from the tower is a garage.


Image via 343 Industries

Recharge has a lot of ledges and elevation areas in the central room. If you have a Grappleshot, you can quickly access any of them, but without it, you will need to do some exploring on foot to find stairs and boxes to climb up in the surrounding hallways.