All new and unvaulted weapons in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

Grab ahold of over a dozen weapons in the latest chapter.

Image via Epic Games

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Fortnite has always been one to shake up the loot pool with any chance it gets, and with Chapter 4 now underway, players will spot an abundance of new and returning weapons. Most of these gadgets can be discovered either as ground loot or from an assortment of chests, with almost every one having specific rarities to them. Here’s every new and unvaulted weapon you can pick up in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.

All new weapons in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

Image via Epic Games

As this is a new chapter, you will witness an overload of guns that have never been seen in the game before. These span from the blade-shooting Ex-Caliber Rifle to the new, fast-firing Twin Mag SMG. The loot pool is also being treated with a Shockwave Hammer melee weapon. As one can guess, this object has the chance to pummel several enemies at time, but it can even be used for traversing large portions of the map in seconds. You can find each new weapon in Chapter 4 Season 1 below.

  • Ex-Caliber Rifle
  • Thunder Shotgun
  • Maven Auto Shotgun
  • Shockwave Hammer
  • Red-Eye Assault Rifle
  • Twin Mag SMG
  • Tactical Pistol

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All unvaulted weapons in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

Image via Epic Games

Of course, it wouldn’t feel exactly like Fortnite without the return of some fan-favorites. Chapter 4 Season 1 clearly has a special place in its heart for older bows, as a whopping six have come back to all battle royale modes. Fans of Chapter 3 will also be pleased to see guns, such as the Heavy Shotgun and Tactical AR, be restored once again. Each unvaulted weapon currently available can be found listed below.

  • Flame Bow
  • Cluster Bow
  • Explosive Bow
  • Shockwave Bow
  • Unstable Bow
  • Stink Bow
  • Heavy Shotgun
  • Combat Shotgun
  • The Dub Shotgun
  • Shadow Tracker Pistol
  • Scar
  • DMR
  • Tactical AR

It is worth mentioning that a few weapons can even be added to your inventory by simply surviving storm circles. This is all thanks to the inclusion of Reality Augments, a new gameplay mechanic that rewards survivors special abilities until the end of the match. For instance, those who earn the Tactical Armory Augment will instantly receive a Rare Tactical AR and Combat Shotgun, while Mechanical Archer lends Explosive and Shockwave Bows.