All new content in the Lua’s Prey update for Warframe

Voruna howls at the moon in Warframe’s latest update.

image via Digital Extremes

The Lua’s Prey update is the first update featuring a solid assortment of new content unrelated to Kahl since Warframe’s Veilbreaker quest. Lua’s Prey was initially announced when the Duviri Paradox was delayed into 2023. This update features a new Warframe, a revised version of Survival missions, and a hint of future storylines. Below, we will explain all new content in the Lua’s Prey update for Warframe.

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What’s included in the Warframe Lua’s Prey update

Lua’s Prey will feature a standard assortment of quality-of-life adjustments, some buffs and nerfs, and a hefty dose of content for your Warframe to tackle. Since Veilbreaker, much of the content focused heavily on Kahl, his faction, and weekly missions. Lua’s Prey features the long-awaited werewolf-inspired Warframe named Voruna. This Warframe was initially revealed during Tennocon 2022, and her concept artwork was created in partnership with legendary artist Joe Madureira.

image via Digital Extremes

This update will also feature an alternate take on the Survival mission types. Conjunction Survival is featured on two new nodes on Lua. These twisted takes on the Survival mission type feature new mechanics and allow players to summon their Nechramechs in combat. These missions will also feature areas devoid of color, hinting at the Duviri Paradox expansion due to release in early 2023. This new mission type is also how you can unlock Voruna’s components and blueprints for free.

image via Digital Extremes

This is everything else being added to Warframe in the Lua’s Prey update:

  • The Pack’s Heart Bundle: This bundle features Voruna, new cosmetics, and her signature weapons.
  • Void Adornment Bundle III: New Voidshell cosmetics for Frost, Mag, and Grendel.
  • Golden Mend Collection: A bevy of cosmetics, including the first purchasable cosmetics for the Lotus.
  • The Market will have four limited-time bundles aimed at giving players a boost to their progression.
  • The beginning of Nora’s Nightwave Volume 3.

Lua’s Prey will release across all platforms simultaneously, so prepare your Warframes with strong Sentient hunting weapons and gear. Use your best builds to take on the new Survival missions to help you earn Warframe’s 51st character, Voruna.