All new features in F1 2021

What’s new in 2021?

On the heels of a strong release in 2020, Codemasters returns with the Formula 1 (F1) franchise. F1 2021 was officially confirmed by Electronic Arts and Codemasters on April 15, and the latest installment of the franchise is slated to launch this July. This will be the first F1 game since EA’s acquisition of the racing game developer, so you might be curious about what’s new for 2021. We already know a few things about F1 2021, so let’s go over that.

Braking Point

The F1 series has had a career mode for quite some time, but it’s getting a bit of an overhaul this year and a new name to boot. In the new Braking Point mode, players will start in the Formula 2 (F2) and work their way to the top circuit and battle against rivals.

These features don’t sound new, but the selling point for Braking Point is that this will be a story mode, so be prepared for that before getting ready to hit the road.

Co-op career mode and live standings

Codemasters has also made it public that this year’s game will feature a two-player co-op career mode. Additionally, F1 2021 will also have a Real Season Start feature. Rather than starting a season from scratch, players will also have the ability to go in and battle against current F1 drivers with the live standings.

New tracks

Codemasters has also promised that new tracks will be added to this year’s title. Among those currently listed by Codemasters include:

  • Portimao, Portugal
  • Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Imola, Italy