All new Gunbreaker abilities and weapon skills in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker 6.0 update

Unleash the power of a Gunbreaker in Endwalker.

Image via Square Enix YouTube

The Gunbreaker received a handful of new abilities for Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion, along with several changes to many existing ones for 6.0. Here’s what you need to know about all of the new Gunbreaker abilities and weapon skins in the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker expansion.

To receive any of the abilities and weapon skills beyond level 80, you will need to purchase the Endwalker expansion and level your character up through this job.

Job Actions

  • Level 82: Heart of Corundum
    • Reduces damage taken by a party member or self by 15%.
    • Duration: 8s
    • Additional Effect: When targeting a party member while under the effect of Brutal Shell, that effect is also granted to the target
    • Duration: 30s
    • Additional Effect: Grants Clarity of Corundum to target
    • Clarity of Corundum Effect: Reduces damage taken by 15%
    • Duration: 4s
    • Additional Effect: Grants Catharsis of Corundum to target
    • Catharsis of Corundum Effect: Restores HP when HP falls below 50% or upon effect duration expiration
    • Cure Potency: 900
    • Duration: 20s
  • Level 86: Hypervelocity
    • Delivers an attack with a potency of 180.
    • Can only be executed when Ready to Blast.
    • You cannot place this action on your hotbar
  • Level 90: Double Down
    • Delivers an attack to all nearby enemies with a potency of 1,200 for the first enemy, and 20% less for all remaining enemies.
    • Cartridge Cost: 2
    • This weaponskill does not share a recast timer with any other actions.


  • Level 82: Heart of Stone Mastery
    • Upgrades Heart of Stone to Heart of Corundum
  • Level 84: Enhanced Aurora
    • Allows the accumulation of charges for consecutive uses of Aurora
    • Maximum Charges: 2
  • Level 84: Melee Mastery
    • Increases the potency of Keen Edge to 170, Brutal Shell to 120, and Solid Barrel to 120
  • Level 86: Enhanced Continuation
    • Become Ready to Blast after executing Burst Strike
    • Duration: 10 seconds
  • Level 88: Cartridge Charge II
    • Increases Powder Gauge capacity to 3 Cartirdges
    • Executing Bloodfest stores 3 Cartridges