All new Legendary Weapons in the Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood DLC

New farming potential.

Bounty of Blood

Borderlands 3’s Bounty of Blood DLC introduced plenty of new Legendary weapons for you to hunt down. While you might be pretty happy with what you have now, a reforming effort will be in order as the Level Cap has been raised to 60, which kind of invalidates a lot of your current arsenal once you have ranked up, especially if you are playing at Mayhem 10.

So, you will need to know where to go to find all the new Legendary weapons that have been introduced with the new DLC. Below you will find a list of the new Legendary weapons, their type, and the character they’d drop from, with that character’s location in the game.

NameTypeWhere to get it
BeaconPistolJerrick Logan – Bloodsun Canyon
BloomPistolRuiner (boss) – Crater’s Edge
BrightsideShotgunBronsons – Blastplains
Complex RootSniper RifleLani Dixon – Ashfall Peaks
Contained BlastAssault RifleAbbadoxis – Ashfall Peaks
Dowsing RodAssault RiflePterdomini – Blastplains
FlipperSMGMinosaur – Bloodsun Canyon
FrequencyShotgunLectrikor – Obsidian Forest
GargoylePistolDickson Goyle – Bloodsun Canyon
Light ShowPistolLasodactyl – Obsidian Forest
MiscreantPistolQuartermaster (boss) – Bloodsun Canyon
Mother TooSMGSlithermaw – Blastplains
NarpSniper RifleHadden Marr – Ashfall Peaks
PlumageRocket LauncherWrendon Esk – Blastplains
Proprietary LicenseSMGHydrogoian – Obsidian Forest
Robin’s CallShotgunGarriden Loch – Ashfall Peaks
SatisfactionRocket LauncherVarducken – Blastplains
SpadeShotgunWaylon Hurd – Obsidian Forest
Stone ThrowerAssault RifleKormash (boss) – Ashfall Peaks
The BlancPistolIpswitch Dunne – Blastplains
Unkempt HaroldPistolCober Dowd – Bloodsun Canyon