When does Apex Legends Season 15: Eclipse start? Answered

The Apex Games heads to the moon in just a matter of days.

Image via EA

As Apex Legends Season 14 begins to wind down, players have several things to look forward in the next major update. The battle royale’s incoming Season 15: Eclipse is slated to debut a moon-based Battle Royale location and a Legend capable of terraforming. Players will even witness the introduction of a new customization option. Here’s when you can experience all the content Season 15: Eclipse will hold in Apex Legends.

What is the start date of Season 15: Eclipse in Apex Legends?

After almost three months of Hunted, Apex players will finally be able to dive into Season 15: Eclipse on November 1. If it is anything like its predecessors, its update’s release time will likely be at 1 PM ET, though information regarding its file size has yet to be revealed. It is certainly bound to be a lofty download as the season ropes in the new Broken Moon Battle Royale map. The location will include 14 points of interest, with several said to be larger than most from previous maps.

The season’s launch will also mark the arrival of Catalyst, the game’s first trans-woman Legend. In her reveal trailer, the character resides on this Broken Moon map and has learned some unique abilities involving the use of ferrofluid. So far, gameplay footage has pointed to Catalyst being able to reinforce doors, slow enemies with this strange goo, and build permeable walls between her and opponents.

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There are even changes being made outside of gameplay. Those surfing through the menus once Season 15 launches will discover the ability to gift items and bundles to friends from the in-game store. This includes Stickers, a never-before-seen cosmetic that lets Legends rock a design of their choice on various healing items. Although it will be challenging to await everything the next season offers, you can currently get a small preview of it in-game with the craftable Golden Ticket — an item that grants an interactive tour of a POI within Broken Moon.