All of Temtem’s online features

Temtem is a big game with a lot of online features for players to check out while they’re exploring it by themselves or with a friend.

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Temtem is the massively multiplayer online game (MMO) game you may have always wanted to play where you capture different creatures wandering around the world, all with unique types and attacks. The game feels like Pokémon, but there are enough changes to make it stand out. The biggest one is the online aspect and the features associated with it. There are multiple online features you can take part in during the game, and we’re going to break down each of them for you.

Complete the campaign with a friend

Temtem features a campaign you work through to understand the basics of the game and take you around the world through a linear path to explore the six islands of the game. Along the way, you face off against the Clan Belsoto, who has a mysterious leader with several well-known captains carrying out their plans. You face off against them during your journey and will uncover their strategies as you learn them.

However, you don’t have to complete the journey alone. You can bring a friend with you to be by your side the entire time you go through the campaign. You can work together to face off against every obstacle in your way to make the whole process easier. You do have the option to do the campaign alone, though.

If you want to play the game with someone but don’t have a friend immediately jumping into the game, you can always search for another eager party member in the Temtem Discord channel. The Temtem developers are going to regularly post updates to this channel as well, making it a great place to stay up to date about their work.

Other Temtem Tamers wandering the world

If you choose to go through the campaign alone, the world you wander around in will never feel empty. You can see many other Tamers walking the world, completing their tasks, and capturing Temtem they encounter during their campaign. These players are not in the background, either because you can freely interact with them when you walk up to them in the main world.

Any player character you see is someone you can approach to interact with to trade, battle briefly, or speak to them about how things are doing. They may offer a few tips for you if you any questions about how something works in the game, or you can ask if they captured a particular Temtem you’re hunting. If they do, then you might have the chance to offer them something you found that they’re looking to add to their collection. Never be afraid to start talking to a stranger because you might end up walking away with a brand new Temtem for your team.

Here’s a brief glimpse at the madness that happened during the Temtem stress test.

Competitive Temtem battles

Do you want to take your Temtem battles to the next level against other trainers? There’s a built-in competitive system where you can amp the battles beyond the standard Tamer ones you can have while out wandering around the world. The competitive mode takes things up a notice.

You pick eight different Temtem to take with you into a competitive fight. Before you battle it out, you and your opponent have a picks and banning phase. For those who have ever played games like Dota 2, League of Legends, or Smite, it should feel similar. You pick from your chosen Temtem, and then your opponent picks some from the ones they brought, and at some point, you have the option to ban one of your opponent’s chosen Temtem, as do they. It’s a more in-depth strategy than most would consider, but it has excellent potential to expand in Temtem. The competitive battles are sure to be a heated portion of the game and big draw when you wrap up the initial campaign.

Temtem Comeptitive battle showcased on the Kickstarter page

The above image provides an idea of the intensity of the competitive battles in Temtem. However, these were from the game’s Kickstarter page and has changed from 10 Temtem to start with to eight, and players now battle with five instead of four.

Share your house with other Tamers

Sometimes you need to take a break from all of the battling and massive adventure to relax and take some time for yourself. You can do that by visiting your home you can decorate and fill with items you find during your adventure. Additionally, you can invite friends over to check out your hard work and hang out with them.

It’s a great social experience to do outside of always battling in the game. It might be an excellent way to sit down with friends, hang out, plan out what you want to do, or even discuss your Temtem teams to figure out what you have and what you need to do to improve. It’s better than having an open chat room to have this discussion or to hold in a Discord channel. You can have the conversation right in the middle of the game, and when you’re ready, the two of you can head outside and continue your adventure.

Temtem has plenty for players eager to jump into a big game with an online player base. The best part is that at the time of this writing, Temtem is in early access. The game officially releases in May, but this could change. There’s the potential for more features to come to the game, such as in-game events, new features, and new ways to play the game. Temtem comes out on Jan. 21 for early access, but you can expect to see more, and we’ll add more features to this list as the game grows.