All Perk and Mutation locations in Grounded

Things are getting weird in the backyard.


With all Perks in Grounded starting out as hidden, it may be difficult to try and unlock all of the mutations. Most Mutations can be unlocked by grinding out a certain task. Here are all of the Mutations, and their higher tiers, that are unlocked with repeated actions.

Grass Master

Player chops down grass at a faster rate.

  • Unlock Mutation: Chop down 50 blades of grass
  • Tier 2: Chop down 200 blades of grass
  • Tier 3: Chop down 500 blades of grass

Rock Cracker

Rocks are destroyed much quicker.

  • Unlock Mutation: Smash 25 rocks
  • Tier 2: Smash 60 rocks
  • Tier 3: Smash 105 rocks


Deal more damage to ants.

  • Unlock Mutation: Kill 15 ants
  • Tier 2: Kill 45 ants
  • Tier 3: Kill 100 ants. (Tier 3 reduces damage taken from ants while Tier 1 and 2 increase damage given to ants)

Lil Fist

Deal double damage with your fists.

  • Unlock Mutation: Kill 50 creatures with bare fists

Cardio Fan

Increases stamina capacity. This perk is something you will unlock passively as you play the game. Actively running in circles to unlock it is not recommended.

  • Unlock Mutation: Run out of stamina 100 times
  • Tier 2: Run out of stamina 250 times
  • Tier 3: Run out of stamina 500 times

Reliable Friend

Revive your friends at a faster rate.

  • Unlock Mutation: Revive a player 5 times
  • Tier 2: Revive a player 15 times
  • Tier 3: Revive a player 30 times


Deal more damage with all bow weapons.

  • Unlock Mutation: Kill 40 creatures with a bow
  • Tier 2: Kill 100 creatures with a bow
  • Tier 3: Kill 200 creatures with a bow

Natural Explorer

Increases player movement speed.

  • Unlock Mutation: Discover 5 points of interest
  • Tier 2: Discover 20 points of interest
  • Tier 3: Discover 50 points of interest


Player does not need to eat or drink as often. This perk is unlocked by finding all of the juice boxes spread across the map. These locations are marked on the map below. (Note: Juice box 4 is located in the Haze area, use a mask or be quick when discovering this location.)

Fresh Defense

Player is resistant to burns and stings. This is unlocked by picking up a Mint Chunk which are found by destroying mints to the North-West of the Mysterious Machine. Players will need an Insect Mallet (Tier 2) to open the container and destroy the mints.

Coup de Grass

Player will deal critical hits more often. Travel through the hole in the ground at the marked map location. You will have to swim through a long underground passage. Once you make it through you will find the 4 Leaf Clover and unlock the Mutation.

While most of these perks take hard work to discover or unlock, you can buy two of them outright from BURG.L in the Oak Tree Lab. Both of these perks can be unlocked for 7,000 Science each.

Meat Shield

Increases maximum health.

Buff Lungs

Increases maximum stamina. Keep in mind that you can only have three perks at a time. These mutations, however, are interchangeable so you can swap out whatever mutation you don’t need at any time!