How to build Fresh Storage in Grounded

Keep your food edible.

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Fresh Storage is a game changer for you and your team in Grounded. It’s a good way to keep your food from spoiling, potentially becoming inedible, or even poisoning you if you do mistakenly eat it. Essentially, it is a place where you can keep your food while you’re going out and exploring the massive Backyard, but the parts to build it are challenging to find. This guide covers how to build Fresh Storage in Grounded.

Where to find all Fresh Storage materials in Grounded

There are three core materials you’re going to need to build Fresh Storage, and you need five of each material. You will need five pinecone pieces, five mint shards, and five black ant parts. You might find the Black Ant parts first. They will appear on the northwest part of the map throughout the shed. You can find them towards the Upper Yard portion of the map. The best way to locate them is to make your way up the downed bicycle and reach the top. They will be crawling around on the shed floor.

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The second, more difficult, material to find will be pine conepieces. They break off pinecones, and you can find that northeast of the Upper Yard, close to the Lawnmower. You want to look for the rotten log adjacent to it. You will likely have to explore inside the log and around it to find the pinecone pieces. When you approach them, they require a level three Busting item: the Black Ox Hammer.

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Finally, the mint shards are likely the easiest to locate. They will be on the large Ice Cap mint pieces you can find in the Backyard. There should be an Ice Caps container landmark in the middle of the map, close to the Mysterious Machine you see at the start of the game. You will need to use the Insect Hammer to break it.

Once you have all these ingredients, return to your base, and you can create your Fresh Storage container.