GTA Online: All 54 Playing Cards And Their Locations

 GTA Online: All 54 Playing Cards And Their Locations

When Rockstar updated GTA Online with the Diamond Casino and Resort, it wasn’t just the ability to gamble away your fortune on slot machines and poker tables that they added. They also added 54 cards you can collect for poker chips, experience, and the High Roller outfit, as long as you find them all. It isn’t easy as there’s no real way to hunt these things out unless you have a handy guide you can rely on while you play.

Here’s the break down for all 54 card locations in GTA V.

GTA Online Card 1

Down By The Dock

Head down to the dock where Michael did his underwater missions, and you’ll find it sat on the broken rail.

GTA Online Card 2

Cable Car Station (At The Bottom)

Go to the cable car station at the bottom of the mountain, and you’ll find it on a window ledge.

GTA Online Card 3

Outside Herr Kutz

On the same stretch of road as the cable car station, outside Herr Kutz, on an ATM.

GTA Online Cards 4

Inside Beeker’s Garage

Just up the road from Herr Kutz, inside Beeker’s Garage through the side-door, on the desk.

GTA Online Card 5

Picnic Area By Convenience Store

Head towards Mount Gordo and go up the track by the side of the convenience store. It’s on one of the picnic tables that have red bases.

GTA Online Card 6

On A Rock, In A Cap Site, Up Mount Grodo

This one’s a little more difficult to find as you have to go off the beaten track and drive up to Mount Gordo. Look for a little road on the map. When you get to the campsite, it’s on a rock next to a fire.

GTA Online Card 7

Abandoned House Near Mount Gordo

There’s a little dirt track running off from the road that leads from Mount Gordo to the beach. It’s on a ledge of the furthest abandoned house.

GTA Online Card 8

Fort Zancudo, North Entrance

Yeah, this one is going to get you killed unless you’re the fricking Hulk. Take out the two guards at the entrance, run into the booth, and grab the card. Then get shot repeatedly by the Army.

GTA Online Card 9

Discount Store

Between Tongva Hills and Harmony, there’s a Discount Store, it’s in the back, on a box.

GTA Online Card 10

Random House Near Harmony

Just up form the Discount Store there’s a house you can access by dirt road. The card’s on the porch.

GTA Online Card 11

Random House In Harmony

Head into Harmony from you the last location, take a left and at the top, you’ll find a house with a red tool trolley out the back. It’s on that.

GTA Online 12

Inside The Lost MC Camp

Go to the Lost MC camp, head to the stage, and it’s on an amp.

GTA Online Card 13

Ratton Canyon Mountain Path

Go up the Ratton Canyon mountain path, take the right-hand fork in the road and it’s on the sign for the East Alamo View.

GTA Online Card 14

Random House On The Way To Grapeseed

Go around the lake from Ratton Canyon, heading north, and you’ll find yet another dirt road with a house at the bottom. It’s on the table-tennis table.

GTA Online Card 15

Convenience Store In Grapeseed

When you get to Grapeseed, head north towards the convenience store and you’ll find this card in the back by the computer mouse.

GTA Online Card 16

Trevor’s Hangar

Where Trevor runs his smuggling business, just inside the hangar on a table.

GTA Online Card 17

Park View Diner

At the Park View Diner, on a white plastic table.

GTA Online Card 18

You Tool Store

Head to the massive You Tool store, and it’s on some washing machines at the front entrance.

GTA Online Card 19

Hippy Camp

It’s where you do the mission where you rip off a bunch of hippies. It’s the big Peace and Love trailer, on the porch. Feel free to take out as many hippies as you can while you’re there. You’ll be doing the world a favor.

GTA Online Card 20

Redneck Bar

Trevor’s favorite haunt, it’s on the pool table.

GTA Online Card 21

Sandy Shores Fire Station

Inside, on the red trolley.

GTA Online Card 22

Run Down Auto Shop In Sandy Shores

Head west from the fire station, and there’s a run-down auto shop. It’s round the back on a forklift.

GTA Online Card 23

Rebel Radio Station

Outside the Rebel Radio station, on the sign.

GTA Online Card 24

Nelsons General Store

Outside, on a wooden bench.

GTA Online Card 25

Convenience Store Just Up From Nelson’s

Out the back, on the safe.

GTA Online Card 26

Tongva Valley Convenience Store

Another one that’s out the back, on a safe.

GTA Online Card 27

Observatory Toilets

Head to the Observatory, go to the john, it’s on the sinks.

GTA Online Card 28

Behind Madrazo’s House

There’s a ranch behind Madrazo’s house. It’s in the building to the right of the water tower.

GTA Online Card 29

AmmuNation Store On The Freeway, Tataviam Mountains

Inside, on the counter.

GTA Online Card 30

Gifts At The Pier

End of the pier, on the little stall.

GTA Online Card 31

Muscle Beach

On a workout bench.

GTA Online Card 32

Beachcomber Barber Shop

Just inside the door, on the table.

GTA Online Card 33

Movie Lot

In the catering area, on a wall.

GTA Online Card 34

Von Crastenburg Hotel

Around the back, by the car park, there’s a closed alley to your left. It’s in there.

GTA Online Card 35

Richman Mansion

It’s in the back garden of the mansion with the giant chess set. It’s on one of the pieces.

GTA Online Card 36

Rockford Hills Mansion

Head to Rockford Hills, and it’s in the garage of one of the mansions.

GTA Online Card 37

Vinewood Hills Yellow Mansion

There’s a mustard yellow mansion in Vinewood Hills, and it’s around the back, on a ping-pong table.

GTA Online Card 38

Gentry Manor Hotel

In the covered section on a chair.

GTA Online Card 39

Pacific Standard Bank

Inside, on yet another table.

GTA Online Card 40

Vinewood Garage

Head over to the garage marked on the map in Vinewood. It’s inside on a red trolley.

GTA Online Card 41

Gas Station Convenience Store

Head east from our last entry to the gas station convenience store, it’s out the back just like all the others.

GTA Online Cards 42

Liquor Store

Head south from the previous store and enter the booze shop, it’s out the back.

GTA Online Card 43

Eagle Sculpture And Fountain

When you get to the eagle sculpture and fountain, you’ll find this card laying around on a bench.

GTA Online Card 45


In the Ponsonbys that’s between Rockford Hills and Vinewood, in the changing room, on a coffee table.

GTA Online Card 46

Metro Station

On the platform on yet another bench.

GTA Online Card 46

AmmuNation With Range

The first on the map, out by the firing range.

GTA Online Card 47

Strip Club

Just inside, on the second sofa area with curtains.

GTA Online Card 48

Davis Fire Station

Inside, on the shelf with the radio.

GTA Online Card 49

Parking Attendant Hut

Which I think is by the Maze Bank Arena, sorry, I forgot to jot this one down. Hey, it was late, and I’d spent four hours at this point taking all these damned photos. Sue me.

GTA Online Card 50

Los Santos International Airport

One the ground level, by the entrance, on yet another bench.

GTA Online Card 51

Jetsam Terminal

A covered walk-way, a picnic table, a card.

GTA Online Card 52

AmmuNation With Range

The second one on the map and just like the first it’s outback, by the firing range.

GTA Online Card 53

Abandoned Bus In Alley Way

Just up from our last entry, to the left and down an alleyway in an abandoned bus. That’s where you’ll find this card.

GTA Online Card 54

Los Santos Tattoos

And finally, thank christ as this has taken forever to write, inside Los Santos Tattoos, on a cabinet, there are the 54th and final card for your collection.