All Pounce Bounce Isle Cat Shine Shards locations in Bowser’s Fury

Bounce to catch ’em all.

Image via Nintendo

The third level in the starting area in Bowser’s Fury hides another five Cat Shines for players to collect.

The Shard Locations this time around, however, are some of the easiest to find and are all relatively easy to find when going through the level normally. Of course, that doesn’t mean you might miss one, however, so to help you out we have put together a map down below with the exact locations of all five collectibles.

Screengrab via Nintendo

Cat Shard #1

Screengrab via Nintendo

Can be found naturally by progressing through the level.

Cat Shard #2

Screengrab via Nintendo

Above the wall near where you found the first Cat Shard.

Cat Shard #3

Screengrab via Nintendo

Hidden in a secret area next to where the three Boomerang Bros. spawn. Can be reached with a boomerang power-up or cat suit.

Cat Shard #4

Screengrab via Nintendo

At the highest point of the level. You can jump for it or use a boomerang power-up to get it.

Cat Shard #5

Screengrab via Nintendo

The final Cat Shard is right near the end of the course. When you would usually head to the lighthouse turn around and you will find it under the slope.