All Raid: Shadow Legends Promo Codes (April 2022)

Redeem these codes for multiple rewards.

Image via Plarium Games

Raid: Shadow Legends is a turn-based mobile game where you’ll be able to carefully work through the game’s campaign using your various heroes. As you progress through the game, you’ll acquire Shards that give you access to unique heroes to add to your roster, giving you more team combinations. If you’re looking for bonus rewards while you’re playing, you’ll want to try to input a code for your account. These are all Raid: Shadow Legends Promo Codes for April 2022.

All Raid: Shadow Legends codes for April 2022

These are all the codes you can input onto your account during April 2022. These codes will be available every so often. We encourage you to grab them as quickly as possible before they expire. You can only redeem one promotional code a day, though.

3YEARSRAID100 Multi-battle attempts, 20 XP brews, a legendary skill tome, 250,000 silver, and 250 energy
ESLPROThree Potions and Three books
GatorRandom free reward for your account
Gift1Arena tokens and energy refills
GullibleRandom free rewards for your account
KRISKMAS21Experience Points and Energy Refills
MURDERGIFT500,000 Silver, energy potions, three-day experience point boost, and three multi-battles attempts
NINJA500,000 Silver, energy potions, three-day experience boost, and three multi-battles attempts
PCRAID2022Experience points and energy refills
POWERSTARTERYou can only receive these rewards as a new account.
RAIDGOODIESRandom free rewards for your account
RAIDXMAS21Experience points and energy refills
realhell500 energy, one million silver, two epic books, and 50 autobattles
S1MPLE350,000 silver, three-day experience boost, four energy refills, and 20 magic experience brews
SPOOKY13Random free rewards for your account
TGA2021Energy refills
TGASALEUnlock the champion Fayne, 200,000 silver, 60 gems, an epic skill tome, 10 greater spirit positions, and 15 arcane potions
YTPCOFFER22500,000 silver, three multi-battles, a three-day experience boost, and six energy potions

How to redeem Raid: Shadow Legends promotion codes

When you’re ready to redeem one of these codes, make sure you have the game downloaded and open the application. Click the left side of your screen on the menu with three bars, and select the “Promo code” options. Here, you’ll be able to input any of the above codes you have not yet collected on your Raid: Shadow Legends account.

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