All rewards in the Guardian Cosmicube in Among Us

There’s a Guardian among us.

Image via InnerSloth

Among Us’ exciting first collaboration in 2023 is with Bungie’s Destiny. The Guardian Cosmicube contains tempting new cosmetics for fans of the Destiny games, including outfits based on Guardian armor and Ghost as a Pet that will follow you around in Among Us. The Guardian Cosmicube has some of the most items you can unlock, making it one of the more worthwhile Cosmicubes to purchase.

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Every cosmetic item in the Guardian Cosmicube from Among Us

Screenshot by Gamepur

Cosmicubes is a roadmap filled with unlockable cosmetics you can purchase with in-game currencies called Pods. There are multiple paths for you to unlock in a Coscmicube, with each path giving you access to exclusive accessories, pets, and costumes. Players can unlock Pods through normal gameplay or purchase them with in-game currency.

InnerSloth previously teased an upcoming Destiny collaboration with blank silhouettes. You can only purchase the Guardian Cosmicube with Beans, another in-game currency, and the cube will cost you 3500 Beans. You can only gain beans by playing through the game normally and achieving certain criteria in a match, like doing tasks or killing crewmates. The Guardian Cosmicube became available through update v2023.2.28 and is only accessible for a limited time; the cube will leave the in-game’s store on May 30. The 2023 roadmap for Among Us promises more collaborations beyond the Destiny cross-over, as well as a new map, updates to UI/UX, and improved matchmaking.

The full list of cosmetics included in the Guardian Cosmicube you can read below:

  • Caiatl’s Helm Hat
  • Calus’s Chalice Hat
  • Eliksni Faceplate Visor
  • Eris Morn Hat
  • Eris Morn’s Bandage Visor
  • Eyes of Savathûn Visor
  • Ghost Pet
  • Helm of Saint-14 Hat
  • Hunter Armor Skin
  • Hunter Hood Hat
  • Hunter’s Pride Nameplate
  • Lightfall Nameplate
  • Mara Sov Hat
  • Osiris’s Armor Skin
  • Osiris’s Helm Hat
  • Pouka Pet
  • Pyramids Hat
  • Saint-14’s Armor Skin
  • Savathûn’s Crown Hat
  • Shaxx’s Armor Skin
  • Shaxx’s Helmet Hat
  • Starhorse Hat
  • Titan Amor Skin
  • Titan’s Helmet Hat
  • Titan’s Pride Nameplate
  • Warlock Armor Skin
  • Warlock’s Pride Nameplate
  • Warlocks’ Helmet Hat
  • Worm Pet