How to earn Pods in Among Us

Want to unlock those Cosmicubes? Listen closely.

Image via Among Us YouTube

With the release of the Among Us Roles and Cosmicube update comes a load of new content, including several new currencies with which to purchase new cosmetic items and the like. With the likes of Stars, Beans, and Cosmicubes to get your head around, you could be forgiven for being a little overwhelmed. And just what the heck are Pods anyway?

Pods have a lot in common with Beans in the newest Among Us update. Both can be earned simply by playing the game, though if you want to earn Pods, you’ll need to make sure you have a Cosmicube activated. Building up your player level by earning XP can also help since it’ll provide multiplier bonuses for the amounts of Beans and Pods you earn.

There are different kind of Pods to collect depending on which Cosmicube you have activated, and they can’t be transferred between different Cosmicubes. Once you’ve pocketed a few of them, though, you can start unlocking the branching pathways of your Cosmicube of choice, reaping the rewards of new cosmetic items for your little space dudes.

Pods are the only way to unlock the contents of a Cosmicube, so make sure you’ve got one activated when you fire up a new game. Whether you’re playing as a determined teammate or a devious imposter, you’ll be decorating your avatar in fancy hats and unsettling visors in no time.