All Ristar passwords on Sega Genesis Switch Online app

Oh, how we’ve missed them.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The classic Sega Genesis game Ristar is back on modern systems, thanks to the newly released Switch Online app. In the retro title, you can input passwords to unlock new modes to play, including a boss rush. Here is how to do it and all the passwords we can scavenge from across the internet.

Ristar on the Sega Genesis Switch Online app works just like the classic title. From the main menu, select “Option” and press the + button. From here, you can change the difficulty and controls, or you can listen to the music with the “sound” option. However, for our interests, let’s select “Password” with the A button. Now, we have all the letters to input a password. These unlock the following:

  • AGES – This password shows the copyright credit. There’s nothing flashy about this one.
  • DOFEEL – Challenge yourself in the time attack mode.
  • ILOVEYOU – This code gives you the option to choose the stage you want to begin the game at.
  • MUSEUM – This enables the Boss rush mode.
  • MAGURO – This code activates Onchi Music mode and the credits music in the sound test.
  • MIEMIE – Once hidden objects are now outlined by a blue star.
  • SUPER – This turns on an even harder difficulty, “Super.”
  • XXXXXX – All passwords used earlier are now disabled.

Unfortunately, with the North American version of the game, which is the default for Western gamers on the Nintendo Switch, we do not have the Japanese exclusive codes. We’ll be missing out on invincibility, and unlimited continues. We tried inputting some JP codes, and they didn’t work.