How to play the Pelican role in Goose Goose Duck

What a silly Goose.

Image via Gaggle Studios

Goose Goose Duck is a game that loves to expand by introducing new roles to the game. While the Geese are often the innocent players and Ducks are the dastardly foes to look out for, there are quite a few special roles that do their own thing as well. Instead of an entire team winning, these solo players can steal a match for themselves if they meet their end goal. The Pelican is one of these standout roles. Here is how to play and win as a Pelican in Goose Goose Duck.

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How do you win as a Pelican in Goose Goose Duck?

Playing as the Pelican in Goose Goose Duck is similar to the Falcon role. You are a solo player who wants to be the last person surviving to win. If you are ever killed by a Duck or voted out by the other players, you obviously, lose. However, there is quite a distinct difference between Pelican and Falcon.

The Falcons outright kill other players and leave bodies behind, the Pelican will swallow players whole. When this happens, the whole body disappears, but the eaten player will stay alive until the next meeting is called. During this time, they can talk to the Pelican, try to distract them and make them give themselves away to the other uneaten players. Once the cooldown ends on the eating action, the Pelican can add another player to their belly. Eaten players can only be heard by the Pelican, not outside players.

When playing as a Pelican, you need to look as innocent as possible, like if you were a Duck trying to blend in. Do fake tasks and pick off enemies one by one. You also want to make sure that you have a good focus if the people you eat are constantly yelling in your ear. It can make it challenging to communicate with other players who may want to question you before the next meeting is called.