All Rot Spirit locations in the Storehouse in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

There are three more Rot Spirits to find scattered throughout the Storehouse.


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You’ve finally reached the Storehouse, but your journey is not over yet. Now you’re tasked with helping the Woodsmith, Adira. Before you can do that, you must find your way through the Storehouse, where more collectibles are found. There are three Rot Spirits to locate. Here are their locations.

Under some rocks

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When you reach the Storehouse, travel through the area until you get a cutscene. After the cutscene, you will be able to throw bombs. Throw a bomb at the rocks to the left of the door seen in the cutscene. Use your Spirit Pulse on the puddle to reveal a Rot Spirit.

Above your first fight

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Progress through the area by using your bomb on a rock near a wooden platform on the right side when facing away from your new spirit friend from the cutscene. Fire an arrow at the crystal and use it to get onto the upper platform. Follow the path until you reach a slide, slide down, and fight the enemies at the bottom. After the fight, look up at the ceiling to find a flower. Pull yourself to it using your bow, and you will land on a platform. There is a chest up here with a Rot Spirit inside.

Another shooting challenge

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After collecting the second Rot Spirit, use a bomb on the wooden platforms in the room to make them float. Jump up the platforms to the top and activate the first stone pillar. After activating the pillar, turn around to see a bunch of stones blocking a cave. Hit them with a bomb and run into the cave. You will find a symbol on the ground. Use your Spirit Pulse on it, and some targets will jump in the air in front of you. Shoot all the targets before they hit the ground, and the Rot Spirit will appear.