All Rusu Mountain Flower Shrine locations in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Rusu Mountain has three more Flower Shrines to discover. Find out where they are.


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After progressing further into Kena: Bridge of Spirits, you will find yourself in the area known as Rusu Mountain. You will be on your way to meet Rusu and learn some new abilities. On your way up the mountain and after you meet Rusu, you will discover plenty of collectibles, one of which being more Flower Shrines. There are a total of three to find on this mountain. Here are their locations.

After Taro’s Memory

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The first Flower Shrine you might discover in Rusu Mountain comes shortly after finding Taro’s first memory. Follow the memory, and it will stop at a spot where it will tell you to put on your mask. After putting the mask on, you will get a memory of a Forest Tear. After the memory ends, use the Forest Tear and have the Rot Spirits destroy the corruption to the left. There are a few areas that need clearing. At the end of the small path is the Flower Shrine.

Spirit Bow training course

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After obtaining the Spirit Bow upgrade, you will head down a set of stairs to a sort of training course. At the bottom of the stairs, make a right and head to the area where Rusu appears and challenges you to shoot targets while moving. Face away from Rusu and go up the hill to find a crystal embedded in a tree. Shoot the crystal with your bow, and it will unlock a Forest Tear. Use the Rot Spirits and guide them to the corruption surrounding the Flower Shrine. Slam it to clear the corruption.

Clearing after Wood Knight boss

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After defeating the Wood Knight boss, you will end up at Rusu’s house. The land will be cleared of corruption (mostly). After talking to Rusu, face in the direction his body is facing. Head through one of the large openings in the rock face to find a statue. Shoot the crystal in the statue with your bow to make a Forest Tear spawn. Use the Forest Tear to clear the corruption in the tunnel next to it. This leads directly to the Flower Shrine.