All Savathun’s Eye Locations on Io – Destiny 2

Track them all down.

Destiny 2

To complete the Hive-God Optometrist Triumph in Destiny 2, you will need to track down and destroy all of Savathun’s Eyes. They are spread all over the place, so in this guide, we will help you find the ones on Io. You cannot destroy them just yet, and the assumption is you will need an Exotic Trace Rifle that will be coming to the game this season to do so.

Below, you will find maps that show the Eye’s location and a screenshot showing exactly where it is in that room. If you would prefer to follow a video, you can find one below with all the Io Eyes, and one at the end covering The Whisper quest.

Aphix Conduit Lost Sector

Aphix Conduit Map
Aphix Conduit Eye

Spawn at the Rupture and make your way towards the back of the area and the Aphix Conduit Lost Sector. In the final boss room, you will find the eye on the wall, up high.

The Rupture, near the Aphix Conduit

The Rupture Map
The Rupture Eye

When you are finished in the Lost Sector, go back to the entrance and jump up onto the pile of rocks in from to the entrance. You should be able to see the Eye across the area on some Vex stones.

Asher Mir

Asher Mir Map
Asher Mir Eye

Spawn in at the Rupture, then look over at Asher Mir. You will see the Eye right above him.

Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector

Sanctum of Bones Map
Sanctum of Bones Eye

From the Rupture spawn point, run straight ahead and into the Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector. Make your way to the section where the pathway spirals upwards, and you will find the eye tucked into a little stone nest on the back wall.

Lost Oasis Tree

Lost Oasis Map
Lost Oasis Eye

Spawn at the Lost Oasis, run straight ahead down the path, and take a right into a gulch. The eye is hiding in the root of one of the trees.

Lost Oasis Spawn

Lost Oasis Spawn Map
Lost Oasis Spawn Eye

Spawn at the Lost Oasis spawn point, then jump on the rock to your right. You will be able to see the Eye across the area.

Terrbase Charon

Terrabase Charon Map
Terrabase Charon Eye

You can find this right outside Terrabase Charon. Spawn at the Giant’s Scar, then go through the wall, under the giant drill, and into the tunnel on the far side towards Terrabase Charon. This is right outside the entrance on the ground level.

The Wraith Mines

The Wraith Mines Map
The Wraith Mines Eye

From there, you can jump up and go down the Tunnel above you. Go all the way through to the end where you fight the Darkness to save Io for Ikora. Run down into the tunnel to your right, and you will find the Eye in a room with the big drill.

Excavation Site

Excavation Site Map
Excavation Site Eye

Spawn in at Giant’s Scar, then go through the wall ahead of you and up the path to the right, then down the tunnel. Go from room to room until you reach the massive generator, and the Eye will above the door you entered through.

Giant’s Scar

Giant's Scar Map
Giant's Scar Eye

Spawn at Giant’s Scar, go through the large wall, and to the far side of the massive drill. The Eye is hiding on a support strut above you.

The Whisper

There are a total of five Eyes in the Whisper quest that you will need to get. Unfortunately, the Whisper quest has no map, so you can use the below video to help you find them.