All Skins & Cosmetics Added During Fortnite OG Season

There are multiple cosmetics and skins you can earn during Fortnite’s OG Season, and these are all the ones appearing for the battle pass.

fortnite OG batte pass

Image via Epic Games

Each season in Fortnite comes with a variety of cosmetics and skins for you to earn as you play. These items are unique, and several special ones are making their way into Fortnite’s OG Season.

You will have until the start of the season to grab them, and if it wraps up before you do, you’ll miss out on them. You need to act fast, and there are quests for you to complete to earn more XP. Here’s what you need to know about every cosmetic and skin coming to Fortnite’s OG Season.

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Every Cosmetic & Skin In Fortnite OG Season

The many cosmetics and skins have been shared ahead of the Fortnite OG Season reveal. This Fortnite OG Season begins on November 3, 2023. You’ll start then, and then it wraps up on December 3, 2023, giving you a full month to run through everything, grabbing all the cosmetics and rewards you want to add to your locker, which can take a good amount of time. I do recommend leveling and playing with friends to have the best success.

The images have been shared ahead of time by several leakers and dataminers, and we have a list of the Fortnite OG Season cosmetics and skins.

  • Crystal (Prismatic)
  • Dark Helm (Spectra Knight)
  • Dark Storm Raider’s Wayfarer
  • Dark Storm Renegade Lynx
  • Dark Storm Renegade Rustcat
  • Dark Storm Scratch Mark Shredder
  • Harbinger Armor Omegarok
  • Hot Fudge Lil Split
  • Hot Fudge Nanner Bashers
  • Hot Fudge Peely Whip
  • Hot Fudge Sundae Glider
  • Integrity (Spectra Knight)
  • Lil Split
  • Magmatic Renegade Lynx
  • Matcha Lil Split
  • Matcha Nanner Bashers
  • Matcha Sundae Glider
  • Matchy Peely Whip
  • Nanner Bashers
  • Omegarok
  • Peace (Spectra Knight)
  • Peely Whip
  • Raider’s Wayfarer
  • Renegade Lynx
  • Renegade Rustcat
  • Royale Helm (Spectra Knight)
  • Scratchmark Shredder
  • Spectra Knight
  • Spider Helm (Spectra Knight)
  • Strawberry Lil Split
  • Strength (Spectra Knight)
  • Sundae Glider
  • Ultima Helm (Spectra Knight)

You should have plenty of time to grab all of these items before the end of the Fortnite OG Season. Many of them are remixed versions of the ones that came out during Fortnite Chapter 1 when the game first launched with battle passes.