Fortnite OG Season: How To Level Up Fast & Earn More XP

Struggling to max out the Battle Pass? Here are a few tips and tricks to help players earn more XP in Fortnite OG Season.

Fortnite OG Season golf cart

Because the Fortnite OG Season only lasts four weeks, players are looking for the fastest ways to earn XP. With a Battle Pass deemed the GOAT by many, earning XP and cashing in for those rewards is a race against the clock, but we’ve got you covered.

XP in Fortnite has never been hard to come by, but players wanting to crash through to the end of the Battle Pass can’t get experience fast enough. From special custom maps to daily/weekly quests, there are quite a few ways to earn those points. Or, if your wallet is deep enough, you can just buy your way to the top.

Regardless, here is everything there is to know about earning XP in the Fortnite OG Season.

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What is Fortnite OG’s Level Cap?

The level cap in Fortnite’s OG season is much lower than in previous seasons. Where players used to be able to grind to level 300, the rewards level cap in Fortnite OG Season is 70. That said, players can progress all the way to the player level cap of 1,000; they just won’t get any benefits for 930 of those levels.

How Much XP Is Needed To Level Up In Fortnite OG Season?

Players must gain 80,000 XP every time they want to level up in the Fortnite OG Season. Regardless of whether you’re going from level 3 to 4 or from level 69 to 70, you will have to earn 80,000 experience points.

How To Gain XP Fast In Fortnite OG

Buying Levels

The fastest and easiest way to level up in the Fortnite OG Season is by spending V-Bucks to purchase levels. Yes, this isn’t technically a way of earning XP, but it does remove all grinding from the process.

While it may be easy, it isn’t cheap, even though it’s the shortest Battle Pass in Fortnite’s history. To purchase all 50 Battle Pass items, players will have to spend 7,500 V-Bucks (150 per level). That’s roughly $60 in V-Buck bundles.

Weekly & Seasonal Challenges

A great way to earn XP without spending money is by completing the weekly and seasonal challenges. If you’re playing normally, these can be easy to neglect cause they may require you to use different weapons or items than the ones you prefer.

For instance, some quests ask players to deal damage within 15m of their opponent. However, the Fortnite OG Season challenges are relatively simple compared to seasons prior. And with each offering a few thousand XP, these are a great way to bump up your level without much effort.

Easy weekly challenges will reward players with 25,000 XP, while hard quests will net players 50,000 XP. And if you complete the final weekly quest each week, you’ll get a level-up token equal to one free level or 80,000 XP.

Hunting Down Hidden Battle Stars

While we don’t know where the Battle Stars are located just yet, Fortnite’s OG Season sees the return of the fan-favorite collectible. Hidden Battle Stars don’t give players XP, but they have the same effect as leveling up. For every Battle Star a player finds and collects, they will earn a Battle Star they can spend on Battle Pass cosmetics.

Again, this won’t have an effect on your level or XP, but free money is a close second… if you know where to look.

Placing Hidden Gnomes

A seasonal challenge will also be around during Fortnite OG Season that requires players to hide gnome statues at various locations around the map. There are ten different gnome locations, each being worth 20,000 XP. This means that by running around and placing gnomes, players can earn 200,000 XP.

The gnome locations are as follows:

  • Stone Heads
  • Crashed Bus
  • Llama Statue
  • Mines
  • Drive-In
  • Maze
  • Lodge
  • The Desert
  • Dusty Divot
  • Pleasant Park

Play With Supercharged XP

It can be annoying to read a guide on how to level up fast, only for the guide to say something along the lines of, “Just play the game.” But for Fortnite, playing during your daily Supercharged XP period will greatly increase the amount of XP you earn for a few rounds.

This bonus will activate once a day for your first few games. During the Supercharged period, even the simplest tasks will give you a wealth of XP. Opening chests & ammo crates, discovering new locations, and even surviving will grant you way more XP with the bonus than without it.

Find Creative Maps With XP Glitches

Lastly, we have the least legitimate, sketchy XP farming method. It also takes a bit more legwork, as you’ll need to search for new XP glitches every half-hour or so.

If you go to YouTube and search for Fortnite Creative Map XP Glitch, you’ll be greeted with a bunch of videos showcasing maps that offer roundabout ways of earning XP. But there are a few catches. Any video older than an hour likely won’t work as EG is pretty good at shutting these maps down. You’ll need to find the newest maps and reap the benefits before 1. EG turns off XP and 2. The map is overrun by players who just want to farm kills.