All Slipskate Slope Cat Shine Shards locations in Bowser’s Fury

Slip and slide your way to victory.

Image via Nintendo

Slipskate Slope is a pretty straight forward level in Bowser’s Fury, tasking you to go down a course to reach the end.

Its 5 Cat Shards, however, are less easy to collect and will require you to make pinpoint jumps with the Boot item to collect them all. To help you prepare, we have listed where each one can be found down below, as well as the best way to collect them.

Just a word of caution. Be sure to keep a hold of your boot during the course as you will need it to reach the majority of the Cat Shards as you make your way down the course.

Screengrab via Nintendo

Cat Shine #1

Screengrab via Nintendo

At the very start of the level on top of some Goombas.

Cat Shard #2, #3

Screengrab via Nintendo

Down the first slope, use a Boot and the speed boost to launch yourself into the Cat Shard. The third one can then be located in the pipe behind it.

Cat Shard #4

Screengrab via Nintendo

After exiting the first pipe, time your jump right to land on top of the second one. The fourth Shard is at the end.

Cat Shard #5

Screengrab via Nintendo

At the very end of the level. Be sure to time your jump right while in the Boot to collect the final shard.