All Spartan Core locations in Connections in Halo Infinite

Power-up the Master Chief’s new equipment to their fullest.

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In Halo Infinite, Spartan Cores upgrade the Master Chief’s newfound abilities, such as the grapple. There are 45 Spartan Cores spread across all four acts, with each island containing an act.

17 Spartan Cores are found in the second act, three of which are completed during Mission 3: Outpost Tremonius. All three are claimable before moving islands, or players can grab these Spartan Cores after clearing Act 1.

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  1. Found immediately upon exiting the elevator at the beginning of Mission 3: Outpost Tremonius.
  2. After exiting the structure, button-hook to the right and head behind the facility. Near a dead tree.
  3. Southwest from the Pelican landing pad, near two pine trees.
  4. Under three Forerunner pillars, the cave entrance is on the east side of the hill.
  5. West of FOB Alpha nestled between two hills.
  6. Within the Armory of Reckoning, next to the underground munition printer.
  7. Northeast of FOB Bravo within a Forerunner structure; enter far east of the locked door.
  8. Inside Banished encampment; move through the right-most structure and drop through a hole.
  9. On a hill southwest of the excavation site.
  10. Within a Banished bunker southeast of the excavation site.
  11. Southeast of the Horn of Abolition Banished facility.
  12. Center ramp within the Forge of Teash.
  13. Northeast of FOB Echo, within a wrecked drop pod.
  14. Within tower structure near dead Brute.
  15. Outside of the Redoubt of Sundering on the eastern side.
  16. West from the center of the Spire, next to another crashed Pelican.
  17. Southeast of FOB Delta, look for a cave opening.