All Starter Evolution Levels in Pokémon Sword And Shield


Shortly after you start playing Pokémon Sword and Shield, it will be time to pick your starter Pokémon. If you are wondering when the starters will evolve, this guide will answer that question for you. If you need some help deciding which one to pick, we have a useful guide that will give you plenty of information on each one.

Remember, your starter will be with you all through the game, and will often be some levels ahead of your other Pokémon, so make sure you pick a Pokémon that you like and want to spend a lot of time with.

All Starter Evolution Levels In Pokémon Sword And Shield


Grookey, the Grass-type Pokémon, has two evolutions.

  • Level 16 – evolves into Thwackey
  • Level 36 – Thwackey evolves into Rillaboom


Scorbunny, the Fire-type Pokémon, also has two evolutions.

  • Level 16 – evolves into Raboot
  • Level 36 – Raboot evolves into Cinderace


Sobble, the Water-type Pokémon, also has two evolutions.

  • Level 16 – evolves into Drizzle
  • Level 36 – Drizzle evolves into Inteleon

As you may have suspected, all three starters evolve at the same levels, so nobody has a clear advantage as they play through the game. At the very start of the game, Leon will offer you and Hop your choice of Pokémon. You will pick first so that you can choose any of the three. Hop will pick second and will pick the type that is weak to your Pokémon. The last Pokémon will be sad but don’t worry, Leon and Charmander will take him on and teach him how to be a fierce Pokémon.