All the stages in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Hinokami Chronicles and how to unlock them

Where will you fight?

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There are a total of 10 stages in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Hinokami Chronicles. The game features iconic places that fans of the Demon Slayer series will no doubt recognize. To unlock each stage, the player must clear certain conditions.

All the stages and how to unlock them

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Boulder Clearing

You unlock the boulder clearing by completing the prologue chapter.

Mt. Fujikasane

You gain access to Mt. Fujikasane by completing the Exploring Mt. Fujikasane reward mission.

Northwest Town

Northwest Town becomes available by completing the Threatened by a Demon reward mission.

Tamayo’s Clinic

You can unlock Tamayo’s Clinic by executing the Final Clash in Battle 3 of Encroaching Assassins perfectly. This is the section where you have to complete Quick Time Events (QTEs). To perfect these, you’ll need to hit the buttons as fast as possible. If you can’t do this the first time, you can always attempt it again. The button prompts stay the same with each attempt, so going through it multiple times to memorize them will help quite a bit.


You will unlock Asakusa by completing chapter three.

Mt. Natagumo

Mt. Natagumo becomes available after completing The Menacing Spider Demon reward mission.

Demon Slayer Corps HQ (Day/Night)

You will unlock the day version of the Demon Slayer Corps by completing the Village Devourer special mission on Normal with an A rank. Similarly, the night version becomes available by completing the Hard version of that fight with an A rank.

Butterfly Mansion

You need to achieve an A rank on this chapter to unlock the Butterfly Mansion. Outside of the special mission, there are no fights in this chapter. So, you’ll have to collect all the collectibles in the chapter and do very well in the minigames.

Derailed Mugen Train

You need to obtain a B rank during the chapter to unlock the Derailed Mugen Train.

There are two essential things to note about stage selection. First, Nezuko cannot fight on the Butterfly Mansion or the day version of the Demon Slayers Corp HQ stage. Second, you won’t be able to play online or offline battles until you complete the prologue.