All three safe locations in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Gentleman Thief achievement/trophy

Here’s how to open three safes in the campaign.

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The Gentleman Thief achievement/trophy requires you to open three safes in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare campaign. There are only three safes in the game, so you have to find and open all of them. Only two missions have safes on them. The first is in El Sin Nombre, and the second and third are in Alone.

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Where is the safe El Sin Nombre?

Screenshot by Gamepur

The safe in El Sin Nombre is in Diego’s room. The best route to Diego’s room is to start at the elevator, then head south all the way to the end of the terrace. Then turn left through the small gate, then left again to enter the house. Turn right, then wait for the guard at the bottom of the stairs to leave his post. Crouch and go up the stairs, then get a throwing knife from the billiards room. Knife the guard outside the ofrenda, then go to the far end of the corridor. Diego’s room is on the left. The safe code is the date on the painting of Lazar Salgado, and the safe itself is in the wardrobe in the bedroom.

Where is the first safe in Alone?

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The first safe in Alone is in the coffee shop. You can’t really miss the coffee shop, as the level design funnels you into it. It’s quite a long way into the mission after you’ve obtained a sharp weapon and at least one gun. After the darkened apartment, there’s an alleyway, and on the other side of the alley is the back way into the coffee shop. The door to the office is on the left of where you come in, and you’ll need a pry tool to open it. The safe is on the right side of the office, and the safe code is the date of birth marked on the calendar.

Where is the second safe in Alone?

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The second safe in Alone is in the garage, which is across the alley to the west of the coffee shop. The safe is in the back office, and the safe code is displayed on the laptop in the same room as the lift.