All Toad Locations in Paper Mario The Origami King

Collect ’em all with this handy little guide.

Just like with previous entries in the Paper Mario universe, Nintendo is tasking players with finding and helping hundreds of Toads scattered across its vast world to help them in battle and unlock concept art in the Museum.

These Toads are vast in scale and some are really hard to find, causing the player to backtrack and find stupiud collectibles and items in other parts of the world to link with powers they have unlocked to capture them all.

Thankfully there is a Toad Radar that you can pick up to help you find yourself later in the game if you want to, but if you find yourself wanting to collect them all far quicker and easier, then we are here to help.

With that in mind, here is where you can locate each Toad per area in The Origami King.

Whispering Woods

Toad Town

Graffiti Underground

Picnic Road

Overlook Mountain

Earth Vellumental Temple

Overlook Tower

Autumn Mountain

Chestnut Valley

Water Vellumental Shrine

Shogun Studios

Ninja Attraction

Big Sho’ Theater

Breezy Tunnel 

Scorching Sandpaper Desert

Scorching Sandpaper Minor

Scorching Sandpaper West

Scorching Sandpaper East

Shroom City

Scorching Sandpaper Far West

Scorching Sandpaper Far East

Temple of Shrooms

The Princess Peach

Bonehead Island

Mushroom Island

Heart Island

Spade Island

Club Island

Full Moon Island

? Island

Hammer Island