All Tower of Fantasy Simulacra story missions – rewards and how to unlock

Learn their story.

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There are many entertaining quests and missions in Tower of Fantasy. Players will love to learn that there are some special quests in the game, Simulacra Stories, where they can personally get to know the backstories of the many Simulacra they can gather. They all have interesting histories and you must experience them all, if not for the lore, then for the juicy rewards. Here are all the story missions’ rewards, how to unlock them, and other details in Tower of Fantasy.

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Tower of Fantasy Simulacrum Story requirements

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There are six Simulacra Stories that Tower of Fantasy is showing to the fans, with only two playable at the moment. To unlock Simulacra Stories, players must first discover Hykros.

The two playable Simulacra Stories available are:

  • White Land
    • Required Level: 18
    • Reward: 1 Gold nucleus & 100 Dark crystals
  • Game of Cat & Mouse
    • Required Level: 24
    • Reward: 1 Proof of purchase & 100 Dark crystals

The White Land story is about Meryl and her tragic history with her brother. Players will get to experience not only the far-off Warren Snowfield but also the two-handed weapon that Meryl uses. This is a great opportunity if you haven’t got her Simulacra yet and want to try it out.

Game of Cat & Mouse is a thrilling story about Samir and Huma and their childhood. Though there aren’t any interesting fights or Simulacra tryouts, the narrative is very interesting and worth the trouble.

The other Simulacra Stories that are shown as “Coming Soon” seem to be about Shiro, Crow, Hilda, and another unknown character at the moment. We don’t know when they might come out but if the quality of these stories is similar, we are sure everyone is waiting for them restlessly. We will update this guide when the new Stories are released.