How to complete the Game of Cat and Mouse Simulacrum Story in Tower of Fantasy

Roleplay as Tom and Jerry.

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There are many storylines in Tower of Fantasy that will surprise most. The Game of Cat and Mouse Simulacrum Story is one full of twists and turns, leaving us on the edge of our seats during most of it. To help players get the whole experience, we will guide you through the whole Story and help you finish The Game of Cat and Mouse with ease.

Game of Cat and Mouse Tower of Fantasy Simulacrum Story quest walkthrough

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To start the Game of Cat and Mouse Simulacrum Story in Tower of Fantasy, open the Simulacra menu, select Story from the right half of the screen, and click on Samir. In the bottom right, click the “Accept Mission” option, shown above, and you will receive the Unusual Situation quest.

1. Unusual Situation

Go to the nearest Omnium Tower and transmit to Hykros. You will have to talk to Gerard once you’re there. You will learn about a problem that caused Rick to transform into an aberrant.

Head on over to the second floor of Hykros and talk to Joaquin, the quest giver for the White Land Simulacrum Story.

2. Suspicious Dwelling

Now that you know the reason for the problems in Hykros, you will need to travel to Banges to find Samir. Transmit to the Banges Farms Spacerift, if you found it before, and approach Samir’s safe house.

Interact with the door and choose whatever option you want, since these are just flavor choices.

3. Another Visitor + Solving Riddles

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Once the conversation is done, talk to the new visitor, Huma. She will somehow bypass the lock of the door and you’ll be able to get into Samir’s safe house.

4. Look for Clues + In Nick of Time

You are in the house but Samir is nowhere to be seen. Still, you will have to approach a box full of bottles, or a gun, titled “??” and interact with it. Try to go back to Huma and a cutscene will start where a bomb will explode if you don’t beat a mini-game.

You can fail the game as nothing bad will happen. Huma will find a letter that will guide you to your next destination, the Banges Inn. Talk to Huma and travel to the Inn.

5. Mysterious Package

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At the Banges Inn, you will find a package that needs opening. Inside, you will find out more clues about Samir and her past. Talk to Huma and learn about their common acquaintance, Granny Lucy. Players will have to follow Huma to the Granny to learn more about Samir.

After the conversation, follow Huma to the entrance of the village and learn about the hidden research facility which you will now have to find.

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6. To Research Lab

Some players may have difficulties reaching this far-off island. There are two ways to get there:

  1. Use the jetpack to levitate from the Northern Ring Ranges Spacecraft
  2. Use the jetboard to float on the water

On the island, find Huma hidden in a bush and talk to her. Afterward, enter the lab.

7. Searching for Clues

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Inside the lab, talk to Huma. Then, interact with the bullet board in front of her and converse again. When you are done, interact with all the highlighted items (with blue) around the room, shown above.

You will then enter a different room that just opened and a cutscene will start. You will have to enter the code 1103 during this cutscene and then you will lose Huma.

8. Exploring the Facility

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Use the elevator to the left and follow the corridors until you reach a room with seven numbered doors. You can only interact with doors number 1, 2, and 3. Short-circuit all of them, from 1 to 3, enter door 3 and follow the open doors.

Watch the cutscene and learn the truth about Samir and Huma.

9. Reply to Dr. Joaquin

Head back to Hykros and talk to Joaquin. When you are done, a notification will appear that lets you know that Tower of Fantasy’s Game of Cat and Mouse Simulacrum Story is done.

To get your rewards, go back to the Simulacra Story menu and select Submit Task from the lower right corner. You will get 1 Proof of purchase and 100 Dark crystal.