How to complete the White Land Simulacrum Story in Tower of Fantasy

Winter has come.

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Tower of Fantasy has managed to get many fans through its fun and interesting side quests and stories. One of these special events is the White Land Simulacrum Story which may be accessed from the Simulacra menu. Many don’t even know this quest exists, so we decided to do a full walkthrough of the story and guide you to the end. You will experience a beautiful narrative and Meryl’s amazing two-handed, icy sword.

White Land Simulacrum Story quest walkthrough

To start the White Land Simulacrum Story in Tower of Fantasy, open the Simulacra menu, select Story on the top right half of the screen, and click on Meryl. In the bottom right, click the “Accept Mission” option, and you will receive Joaquin’s Commission quest.

Joaquin’s Commission

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Head to the nearest Omnium Tower and get to Hykros. You will be guided to meet Joaquin on the second floor of central Hykros. Talk to him, and you will be sent to fix the Meryl Simulacrum in the Warren Snowfield.

Normally, this region in the early game is inaccessible due to radiation, but he will lend a robot, Mr. Schudy, that will protect you from damage. Follow the robot and talk to him to start the Simulacrum Story.

To The Snowfield

You have now been teleported to Tower of Fantasy’s Warren Snowfield. Walk a bit and follow Schudy. You will encounter four Heirs of Aida enemies. Eliminate them to continue.

Collect Simulacrum Data I

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Talk to Mr. Schudy and follow him to a Shock Armor Plus enemy that must be dealt with. Once you’ve destroyed the mech, climb up to Schudy and get Meryl’s Consciousness VII from the computer. A cutscene about Meryl’s past will commence.

Continue Retrieval

Once the cutscene is done, talk to Schudy. You will learn that you also need to get Meryl’s Consciousness I and IX. Follow him to the next short cutscene.

Bypass Grid

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Interact with Schudy next to the floating green rings. A mini-game will start where you will have to go through the floating rings using your jetpack. This shouldn’t be that hard for most players.

Sneak into Camp

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Players will now have to sneak by the Heirs of Aida patrols. This can be done quickly by getting close to them and using the jetpack to jump to Schudy. Head to the computer next to him and try to retrieve Meryl’s Consciousness IX.

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Collect Simulacrum Data II

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You will now turn into Meryl and get to fight a couple of enemies. This is a great way to test out her weapon and skills. After three waves of Heirs of Aida grunts, go back to the computer and retrieve Meryl’s Consciousness IX.

Stronghold Search

After the second Meryl cutscene, talk to Schudy. He will ask to meet you 300 meters further to the north. At that location, you will have to defeat eight enemies. Once they are dealt with, enter their base.

Activate Power Generator

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When you get inside the base, lethal lasers will move throughout the area. You will have to activate several power generators while getting through these lasers. You can activate the first one by just jumping there, without triggering the enemies.

To get to the second one, pass by the lasers, ignoring the enemies. Once you get to the second generator, defeat the surrounding enemies and power that machine up.

Take care of the Inquisitor downstairs and activate the final power generator.

Collect Simulacrum Data III

Head to the destroyed computer and retrieve Meryl’s Consciousness I.

Retrieval Complete

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Exit the base and talk to Schudy. Watch the third and final cutscene, interact with Mr. Schudy again and get teleported back to Hykros. Talk with Joaquin and finish Tower of Fantasy’s White Land Simulacrum Story.

To get your rewards, go back to the story menu and “Submit Task” from the lower right corner. You will get 1 Gold nucleus and 100 Dark crystals.