All toy robot locations in the Mall in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2

Who doesn’t love toys?

The Mall course in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 has five toy robots you need to grab to complete one of the park goals. These robots are scattered everywhere. You need to collect them in a single run to add another goal to unlock additional parks. These robots are hidden, but we can make it easy to find them all.

All toy robot locations in the Mall

You can find the first toy robot by going down the two-leveled ramp at the start of the level. Instead of going to the right, proceed to the left, up a ramp, and breakthrough the map directory. The first one is in the middle of a centerpiece, and you need to go through and jump off the ramp to reach it.

The second toy robot is down below. You can find it hovering over the small median to the right of the original path you took. All you have to do is jump over the obstacle to collect it.

The third toy robot is in the next area, overlooking a small ramp. You can reach it by performing a grind and keep it going to make it to the other side. If you have enough speed, you can jump onto the ramp’s midpoint and grab it before jumping down to the lower area.

The fourth robot is inside a store on the lower area that you can land shortly after grabbing the second toy robot. When you disembark from the ramp, look to your left, and it will be inside the building. You can crash into it by breaking the glass.

The final toy robot is in the lower area, to the left of the third toy robot. Follow the grind down, and you should see it hovering between the obstacles. You can choose to grab it by jumping over the obstacle or grinding down the pipe.