All Trainer Achievements for raids in Pokémon Go

Earn raid medals.

There are several rewards given to players who complete raids in Pokémon Go. Niantic has introduced a series of achievements all players have the chance to earn following their performance in a raid. While these achievements were already rewarding players with more PokéBalls, completing them over other players will now reward them an actual achievement that can be seen at the end of the match by everyone who participated. You have the chance to earn them and steadily unlock bronze, silver, and gold medals.

These are all of the achievements you can potentially earn during a raid, and steadily level up to earn a gold medal.

  • Changing your avatar’s clothing or pose
  • Dealing the most damage overall
  • Delivering the final attack
  • Joining the raid from the furthest distance
  • Keeping a single Pokémon in the battle for the longest time of all participants
  • Using a Mega-Evolved Pokémon during the battle
  • Using the most Charged Attacks of all participants
  • Using the tallest Pokémon among all participants in the battle

These feats will likely expand as Niantic introduces more unique features to the Pokémon Go raiding system, so players can expect this list to grow and aim for additional feats. These medals will appear on Trainer Achievement Card, which shows your avatar. You can share this on social media or print it out to show off your favorite achievements and accomplishments that you’ve completed while raiding.