All treasure vault locations in Hogwarts Legacy

There is no shortage of loot in the Highlands, as Hogwarts Legacy’s map contains over a hundred Treasure Vaults.

Opening a Treasure Vault in Manor Cape in Hogwarts Legacy

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While exploring the vast expanse of the Highlands in Hogwarts Legacy, you will eventually come across Treasure Vaults, dungeon-like catacombs, and caverns where you must engage in puzzle-solving, combat, or both. While uncovering mysterious and defeating baddies is an exciting experience in itself, your efforts to investigate these vaults will be well rewarded with new Gear, Galleons, and decor for your Room of Requirement. While many Treasure Vaults are similar in layout, no two vaults are equal. Some will require you to use different Spells to open their entrance, while others might have you diving underwater in search of a secret grotto.

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Every Treasure Vault in the North Highlands of Hogwarts Legacy

All Treasure Vault Locations in Hogwarts Legacy of the North Highlands
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Based on our investigations, there are around 102 Treasure Vaults in Hogwarts Legacy. Each vault has its own single or set of unique challenges, some more difficult than others. However, as noted above, you are guaranteed to be rewarded with valuable loot for clearing each one. Naturally, listing every single Treasure Vault would be a monumental task. So, for the sake of simplification, we will start by stating that the North Highlands contains 20 Treasure Vaults in its regions of North Ford Bog, Forbidden Forest, Hogsmeade Valley, and North Hogwarts Region.

Every Treasure Vault in the Central Highlands of Hogwarts Legacy

All Treasure Vault Locations in Hogwarts Legacy of the Central Highlands
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Next, Hogwarts Legacy’s Central Highlands of South Hogwarts Region, Feldcroft Region, South Sea Bog, and Coastal Cavern have 42 Treasure Vaults that you can discover. It should be mentioned that some in the Hogwarts Legacy community have reportedly discovered more or fewer than our stated 102 Treasure Vaults. With such a massive number of POIs, it is easy to overlook or overestimate how many vaults there actually are. Fortunately, we can confirm that no Achievements/Trophies or Exploration Challenges involve discovering every Treasure Vault. Therefore, unless you are a hardcore completionist, you need not worry about locating every single vault on the world map.

Every Treasure Vault in the South Highlands of Hogwarts Legacy

All Treasure Vault Locations in Hogwarts Legacy of the South Highlands
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Finally, Poidsear Coast, Marunweem Lake, Manor Cape, Cragcroftshire, and Clagmar Coast comprise the South Highlands and feature 40 Treasure Vault locations in Hogwarts Legacy. Some are effectively next to each, meaning you can clear one vault in an area and head directly to the next within seconds.