All Trials of Osiris Changes In Destiny 2 Season of the Wish

With the reveal of Season of the Wish comes some changes to how the Trials of Osiris will work.

Image via Bungie

The Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2 are receiving a much-needed facelift in the upcoming Season of Wishes update. The Destiny 2 team outlined some of those changes players can expect to see once this new season kicks off later this month.

The Trials of Osiris are making a return with the Season of the Wish, along with a few new differences. For those who are unaware, Destiny 2 recently revealed the latest season via the Imbaru Puzzle. Players were tasked with solving the puzzle as a way to add replayability to the featured dungeon, Savathun’s Spire, during the Season of the Witch. Surprisingly enough, it turned out that the dungeon itself was holding more secrets than we initially thought.

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Card Changes for the Trial Rewards

weapon view in Destiny 2
Image via Bungie

For some of us Destiny 2 players who’ve played in the Trials of Osiris up to this point, we’ve had issues getting the full use out of our Trial Cards. In the blog, Bungie mentioned some changes to card usage by adding a set of small weekly rewards that’ll trigger based on how many wins you get in a row before your card becomes flawed. What this means is that winning streaks are going to be less demanding in terms of getting them all in before the card expires. They go on to say that there will be one reward for each of the three to six wins on a card, and if you get to a higher win total first, you’ll be able to get all the tiers below it as well.

Here are some of the changes to the rewards that will be granted per win streak:

  • Six wins – Three Enhancement Prisms
  • Five wins – Trials weapon
  • Four wins – Five Enhancement Cores
  • Three wins – Trials armor

The Introduction of Trials Labs

guardian team in Destiny 2
Image via Bungie

For a while now, Destiny 2’s Trials of Osiris has used Crucible Labs to help change up some of the status quo that players are used to when competing in the Crucible. In a further effort to bring these changes to competitive play, Bungie is introducing Trials Labs for players looking to shake up the meta a bit. Trial Labs will take place on the weekends and will have a Checkmate Modifier that will be active in the competitive playlist. This will most likely offer some of the same changes that we’ve enjoyed in the Crucible Labs.

Past Rewards Are Returning In Trials of Osiris

Guardian at the Tower
Image via Bungie

For all newcomers in Destiny 2, or those who didn’t feel the need to participate in the first few seasons of the Trials of Osiris, there are some big changes happening to weapon engram rewards. Bungie has decided to re-introduce past-season rewards in the form of Competitive Focusing. Starting next season, we’ll be able to focus engrams from Shaxx’s Legacy Crucible focusing menu. There’s a caveat, of course, and that involves completing our placement matches before unlocking this new menu via Lord Shaxx. We’ll be limited to a number of weekly focuses based on the highest rank we’ve achieved so far in the season.