All Tribute to Freyr locations in God of War Ragnarok

Freyr spent some time in Alfheim.

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Freyr played a large role in Alfheim, and in God of War Ragnarok, you can find the tributes the Elves gave him during your journey. You’ll find them throughout Alfheim, and tracking them down can be challenging. This guide will cover all Tribute to Freyr locations and how to find them in God of War Ragnarok.

Where to find all Tribute to Freyr locations in God of War Ragnarok

These tributes are scattered throughout Alfheim, and you won’t be able to find them all when you first explore this location. They will be tucked away in multiple places, and you might need to revisit an area to find one again.

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Dream Charm location

The Dream Charm given to Freyr is one of the first Tribute items you can find while visiting Alfheim, it will appear in The Strond and be to the left of a Nornir Chest before you enter the Tower of Light.

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Horn location

The Horn was one of the wishful tributes devoted to Freyr by the Elves. It is known as the Horn of Quiet, and if Freyr were to blow it, peace would settle between both sides of the Elven war. You can find it while exploring The Barrens, on the northwest part of the map.

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Token location

You will need to travel to the Forbidden Sands to find this one. This area unlocks after your visit from Vanaheim and through the natural progression of the main story. You can find it on the north part of the map, protected by Light Elves.

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Harp location

While exploring The Barrens in Alfheim, you discover a small cave to the far south. There is a small entrance you can slide through, and on the floor to the right will be a harp, originally offered to Freyr.

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Pipe location

You can find Freyr’s pipe while exploring the Forbidden Sands. It will be underneath the second Hafgufa, which you can encounter while working through the Song of the Sands side quest. It will be in the final room, next to the legendary chest, after removing the Hafgufa’s bindings.

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Bracelet location

The final item in the Tribute to Freyr collection is at the entrance of the Light Elf temple. You can find it on the map’s northeast side, to the door’s right.

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