Code Vein: Trophies and achievements guide

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Code Vein is unique thanks to classes and character creation, but it sticks to a traditional trophy and achievement system. The familiarity is welcome for players who look forward to unlocking each achievement.

Thanks to a list from the Code Vein wiki, we know what to expect for the achievements and trophies. There are 43 in total, split into different tiers: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. They increase in difficulty as you move up the tiers.

Trophies are unlocked based on exploration or earning a particular feature of the game.

List of Trophies:

Below is a list of all the trophies in Code Vein and how to earn them, beginning with the bronze tier trophies and working up. All are from the Wiki page.


There are 26 bronze trophies that players can earn through the game.

  • Resonant Power: Execute a communal gift.

  • Dweller in the Dark: View the “Dweller in the Dark” ending.

  • To Eternity: View the “to Eternity” ending.

  • Heirs: View the Heirs ending.

  • Drink Deep: Successfully execute a special drain from a parry, back attack, or launch attack.

  • Mia’s Memories: View all of Mia’s memory echos.

  • Davis’ Memories: View all of Davis’ memory echos.

  • Murasame’s Memories: View all of Murasame’s memory echos.

  • Yakumo’s Memories: View all of Yakumo’s memory echos.

  • Louis’ Memories: View all of Louis’ memory echos.

  • Skull King: Defeat the Skull King.

  • Juzo Mido: Defeat Juzo Mido.

  • Blade Bearer and Cannoneer: Defeat the Blade Bearer and Cannoneer.

  • Successor of the Claw: Defeat the Successor of the Claw.

  • Gilded Hunter: Defeat the Gilded Hunter.

  • Successor of the Breath: Defeat the Successor of the Breath.

  • Successor of the Ribcage: Defeat the Successor of the Ribcage.

  • Invading Executioner: Defeat the Invading Executioner.

  • Butterfly of Delirium: Defeat the Butterfly of Delirium.

  • Insatiable Despot: Defeat the Insatiable Despot.

  • Oliver Collins: Defeat Oliver Collins.

  • Queen’s Knight: Defeat the Queen’s Knight.

  • Queen’s Knight Reborn: Defeat the Queen’s Knight Reborn.

  • Building Trust: Give a valuable item to your friend.


Code Vein has 13 silver trophies for players to earn.

  • Io’s Memories: View all of Io’s memory echos.

  • Unbreakable Veil: Reach Blood Veil’s maximum level.

  • Gifted: Learn 50 gifts.

  • Weaver of Wills: Collect all Blood Codes.

  • Revenant Requisites: Equip every type of Blood Code.

  • A Weapon for Every Season: Equip every type of weapon

  • Burning Spirit: Earn the ability to inherit 50 Gifts.

  • Exalted Reputation: Earn companion reputation rank 30.

  • Proven Devotion: Receive 30 items from friends.

  • Together Until Oblivion: Listen to partner conversations 50 times while exploring.

  • Miasma Manager: Activate all mistles.

  • Deep Trailblazer: Explore everywhere in the depths.


Further decreasing in numbers, there are only three Gold trophies.

  • Mender of Minds: Restore all Vestiges.

  • Determiner of Fate: View all endings.

  • Gift Gatherer: Learn 150 Gifts.


The hardest and rarest trophy, with only one in this tier. The platinum trophy “Revenant Preeminent” only unlocks after earning all trophies.

There are many trophies through the game to keep players busy. Since there is a new game plus feature, players can likely earn trophies after completing their first playthrough. One trophy requires players to see all the endings, so players will need to play multiple times to get all of them.