All Unusual Hilichurl locations in Genshin Impact – Hilichurl Wei Achievement

Strange looking.

Genshin Impact

In this guide we will show you the Unusual Hilichurl locations in Genshin Impact. These strange hilichurls were added in update 1.1, and if you can track them down and defeat them, they will reward you with primogems.

We are not sure exactly what starts them spawning in your game at this point, but will update this guide with the relevant information as soon as we have it. There may be more than this in the game, we are keeping our eyes open to see if we can find any more locations.

Location 1

Near the giant tree at Windrise, you can find him sleeping in the roots.

Location 2

Right on the edge of the cliff at the north of Cape Oath, enjoying the view.

Location 3

Teleport to the waypoint at Storm terrors lair, then head slight southweast and you will find him on a broken bridge.

Location 4

He will be sitting on a lobsided lamp near the nice pillars.

Location 5

Sitting on a small hill to the southeast of Lingju Pass.

Location 6

The Liyue Harbour waypoint, to the southwest of the Statue of the Seven.