All 12 Vault Locations Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1

It’s high time we cracked those vault open in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1.

every vault fortnite chapter 5

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Vaults in Fortnite have always been a great way to get access to copious amounts of weapons, ammo, and loot. Now, if only they were out in the open.

Though vaults have been around for many years in Fortnite, they’ve never been more valuable than in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1. Get the best loot, modify it, and snag loads of ammo, all in one place? Sounds like the recipe for a killer match. In this guide, I’ll outline all 12 vault locations in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1, and how you can open each of them.

Every Vault Location in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1

There are 12 vaults in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1. Here is a list of every location in which you can find vaults:

  • In a snowy outpost east of Rebel’s Roost.
  • Inside Lavish Lair, near Oscar’s Lair.
  • South of Lavish Lair, in an outpost by the train tracks
  • In a snowy outpost northeast of Classy Courts.
  • Inside an outpost in the southeast corner of Ritzy Riviera.
  • Inside a Yatch south of Ritzy Riviera.
  • Inside Reckless Railways military outpost, near Valeria’s Lair.
  • Inside Grand Glacier mansion, near Montague’s Lair.
  • Inside Fencing Field’s mansion, near Nisha’s Lair.
  • In an outpost east of Hazy Hillside.
  • In Snooty Steppes, near Peter Griffin’s Lair.
  • In a mansion on the southmost peninsula of the map.

As you might expect, these places get pretty crowded, but some make for great landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1.

How to Open Every Vault in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1

You’ll need a key to open a Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 1 vault. Generally speaking, these keys are obtained from Legion enemies or bosses.

If you kill a boss in an area, they’ll drop the vault key or medallion for that location’s vault. An arrow will guide you straight to the vault locations in Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 1, by equipping this item.

Vault 1: Snowy Outpost East of Rebel’s Roost

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Directly east of Rebel’s Roost, you’ll run into a fenced military outpost guarded by Legion members. Kill one of them to get the Gold Key. You’ll find the vault located inside the outpost, right downstairs.

Vault 2: Inside Lavish Lair, Near Oscar’s Lair

vaults fortnite chapter 5
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To enter Lavish Lair’s vault, take down Oscar and pick up his society medallion. Lavish Lair’s vault is below Oscar’s interior garden. You can easily find it by heading out to the massive front yard and looking at the interior garden.

Vault 3: South of Lavish Lair, in an Outpost by the Train Tracks

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Nestled between Lavish Lair and Reckless Railways, you’ll find a military outpost by the train tracks. Take down a legion member and pick up the key card. To enter this vault in Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 1, head outside the outpost and look for the exterior stairs heading down to the vault.

Vault 4: In a Snowy Outpost Northeast of Classy Courts

all vault locations fortnite chapter 5
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Northeast of Classy Courts lies another military outpost. If you kill one of the Legion members and pick up the key card, you’ll have access to the vault found on the lower floor.

Vault 5: Inside an Outpost in the Southeast Corner of Ritzy Riviera

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There is a vault inside Ritzy Riviera, which is located in the southeast corner of this Fortnite hotspot. To crack the vault open, kill a Legion member, steal their key card, and head downstairs.

Vault 6: Inside a Yacht South of Ritzy Riviera

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Just south of Ritzy Riviera, a massive yacht lies inside a vault. No bosses here, so just kill a Legion member, snag their key card, and look for a way downstairs. The yacht’s lower floor has many, many doors, but instead of opening each of them, just head straight for the end of the hallway: there’s your vault.

Vault 7: Inside Reckless Railways Military Outpost, Near Valeria’s Lair

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In Reckless Railways, you can kill Valeria to get her society medallion — if someone doesn’t surprise snipe you and steal it from you first. Valeria’s society medallion is the key to opening the vault underneath Reckless Railway’s military outpost.

Vault 8: Inside Grand Glacier Mansion, Near Montague’s Lair

every vault location fortnite chapter 5
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Inside Grand Glasier, you’ll find Montague. This guy is not only one of the coolest skins this season; he’s also a boss who drops a society medallion upon defeat. Pick up Montague’s society medallion and head to the lowest floor to find a set of stairs leading to Grand Glacier’s vault in the storage room.

Vault 9: Inside Fencing Field’s Mansion, Near Nisha’s Lair

all vaults fortnite chapter 5
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Fencing Fields is chaotic. However, that’s where Nisha and her society medallion await. Once you’ve defeated her, you can either break the bookcase in the room where you found her. If the mansion is a complete disaster by the end of the boss battle, look for Fencing Field’s counter near the mansion and enter the backdoor to find a cellar with the vault.

Vault 10: In an Outpost East of Hazy Hillside

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Inside Hazy Hillside, you’ll find another vault in Fortnite. There is a military outpost to the east, so all you need to do is take down the legion member and follow the key card’s instructions to find the vault downstairs.

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Vault 11: In Snooty Steppes, Near Peter Griffin’s Lair

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Snooty Steppes is where Peter Griffin and yet another vault await you. Defeat Peter to get his medallion, then head to the mansion’s entrance and go downstairs to find the vault.

Vault 12: In a Mansion on the Southmost Peninsula of the Map

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At the southmost end of the Fortnite map, you’ll run into a pretty colossal mansion guarded only by some Legion members. All you need is one keycard to get access to this vault.