Top 10 Fortnite Crossover Characters We Want The Most

This cartoonish cast fits right in with Fortnite.

Fortnite is a battle royale that lives on as one of the most bizarre collections of characters in one game. From cartoonish original characters to anime references, Fortnite seems to have it all, but that doesn’t mean the hilarity needs to stop or slow down.

From the silly to the serious, there are plenty of characters in Fortnite across all kinds of franchises. And with such a precedent set, plenty more characters can fit the bill for Fortnite stardom. The only requirement is that the model of the character needs to be able to fit a standard, human-shaped size, which is why characters like Sonic and Mario (if that were a possibility, copyright willing) don’t quite fit in. This guide covers 10 characters that wouldn’t look bad in Fortnite, from anime to cartoons and beyond.

10. Saitama

Image via Bone Studio

One Punch Man being restricted to only gun use is a nerf, but considering the My Hero Academia collaboration and many other anime, it’s almost surprising that we have yet to see Saitama show up to satiate his boredom with a little battle royale. There are plenty of opportunities for the devs to be clever with emotes that could go on this guy, considering that he has many memes to his namesake. Even as just a one-off appearance, Saitama would make for a valuable shop item that encourages players to buy the Battle Pass.

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9. Jotaro

Image via David Production

Many anime fans are genuinely confused about why JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure hasn’t yet received a collaboration with Fortnite. There are plenty of iconic characters that a fair number of Fortnite’s player base would recognize, the most prominent being Jotaro Kujo. Concerning emotes that could tie in with this character, the possibilities are endless, with Stands and various JoJo poses already being recognized enough. If Jotaro or some of the other JoBros were part of the battle pass, they would surely encourage others to buy in against the chance of missing out.

8. Tom

Image via MGM Studios

It may sound like a throwaway character, but there are already tons of cartoonish, rubber-hose characters in Fortnitee’s character layout. Why not Tom? An iconic beacon of destruction in his own right, Tom would be a great addition to the chaotic cast as a whimsical pick for skin that’s friendly to kids and adults. He is almost limitless for potential in terms of gear and emotes; a Jerry back bling would hardly go amiss, and Pickaxes like squeaky hammers or mallets would be delightfully in character for him.

7. Tsu Asui

Image via Bones Studio

We already have a Battle Royale for MHA through My Hero Ultra Rumble, which begs the question as to why an official collaboration between the two games has yet to unfold. While we have had two collaborations between My Hero and Fortnite, a few popular characters haven’t yet been added to the mix. Tsu is a great choice, being one that would add another female lead from the show to the Fortnite cast. And if you need an emote, there’s only one you’ll need as Tsu: Ribbit!

6. Tenya iida

Image via Bones Studio

Tenya Iida is another prominent character who somehow got overlooked during the second wave of the My Hero Academia collaboration with Fortnite. This was surprising, considering that Tsu and Iida are popular, as displayed by the popularity polls for My Hero Academia in both America and Japan. He would be an excellent addition to the cast if Fortnite were to someday return to MHA for a third round, with this fully armored form and helmet-less suit being two distinct styles players could pick from.

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5. Shinji

Image via Gainax

As for characters that wouldn’t look too uncharacteristic holding a gun, Shinji is a good choice. Evangelion has been out for a long time, with a fanbase that swirls almost as infamously as some of Fortnite’s other choices for collaboration. If popularity and infamy are what Fortnite is after for character additions, then Shinji would be a good one to pick. Concerning styles, you automatically have two to choose from with how the show presents itself: his school uniform and his entry plug suit.

4. Asuka

Image via Gainax

Asuka would be a good pick for a Fortnite character because she is popular. She fits the model and has two ways you could present such a character, with styles that could show off her school uniform and her characteristic red entry plug suit. Evangelion characters also work well as potential Fortnite collaborations because of how easily the franchise can assign pickaxes and back blings to characters when they already have machines or devices associated with them. In Asuka’s case, it would be simple: make her pickaxe and back bling based on her Eva.

3. Rei

Image via Gainax

You can’t have Shinji and Asuka without Rei, so if these characters ever make it to Fortnite, they’ll be in a set. As a unit, these three would make fantastic additions to a Battle Pass, giving it notable recognition from anyone who spans these two franchises. Much like the other two characters from Eva, Rei would have equipment based on her Eva. The only issue would be emoting since she isn’t a very emote-prone character.

2. Barbie

Image via Warner Bros. Studios

For characters that would be fun to make their presence known in Fortnite, why not Barbie? Even without the recent movie, many characters in Fortnite are reminiscent of Barbie’s pink fashion choice and charm, so why not have the real article? Also, having someone as cute as Barbie running around taking names and teaching people what a Six Shooter can do at close range would be nothing short of delightful for many fans of the game. Her equipment can be pretty and pink, with prime opportunities to shine being in the glider and the pickaxe for her setup.

1. Ken

Image via Warner Bros. Studios

You can’t have Barbie without Ken. For the same reasons as Barbie, Ken would make a sublime addition to the Battle Pass as one of the topmost characters in the Pass that you could get, and you can bet on Ryan Gosling’s face that people would work for it. While he doesn’t necessarily have to be modeled after Ryan Gosling, Fortnite has done that kind of modeling with John Wick. If we wanted to get fancy about it, the depiction of which Barbie and which Ken is displayed could be up to a style change: one is reserved as a classic Barbie or Ken look, and another is delegated to their actor representations from the movie.